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September 18 2013

TV Guide breaks down Agents Of SHIELD's chances for success. Time slot, competition etc are considered as the Coulsen/Gibbs dukeroo looms.

Well we'll know this time next week. I think AoS will open strong, shed some viewers as the weeks go on and be a lock for a second season.
I completely agree. This will do well.
They could have analyzed if there's a chance that it will NOT succeed. I don't think there is.
It helps having Coulsen, to give a familiarity and spin-off feel for a new series

I remember when NBC had a stranglehold on Thursday nights, including the decade-old ER. But once other networks were willing to challenge, that domination ended.

I can see AoS doing less than expected (depends on how exaggerated the expectations are), but it should get a foothold on Tuesday evening. I think the 2nd season (fingers crossed) should be when it stands up to/knocks down NCIS.
Part of me wishes they'd gotten Robert Downey Jr. to do a walk-on as Tony Stark in the pilot, even without the Iron Man suit. That would have pretty much guaranteed football-like ratings for the episode.

But, I also understand why they wouldn't want to create expectations in the pilot that won't be borne out during the course of the show. It's not going to be "tune in to see which Avenger pops in this week."

A lot of the hardcore Avengers/superhero fans will tune out after the pilot when that becomes obvious... but hopefully the show will pop enough to stand on its own. Like all Whedon shows, it has a head-start of about 2-3 million hardcore fans who will watch no matter what.
I think it will help that AoS isn't a brand new world like most of Joss's shows. There's already years and years of Marvel fanboys/girls who are excited for the show and will likely stick with it.

My main concern is that the show will fall into Joss's normal pattern of consisting of a first season with mostly stand-alone episodes and very little overarching storyline throughout. As Joss fans, we're accustomed to that with his shows and understand that serialized storylines usually come later. However, a lot of the world expects heavy serialization right from the get-go these days. Most folks have very little patience for new shows now- they want to be hooked from the get-go. And if they're not, the shows often get nixed and replaced with 10 new show hopefuls.
It's always hard to predict what will stick. But credit to ABC, they've tried different things and a lot of their promotion has been very cool. It feels different to, well, FOX. I know some people at FOX and don't want that to be a slam, it's just the ABC machine is clearly ticking when it comes to S.H.I.E.L.D.

The key question here is going to be if people want to see a show about the people who aren't the superheroes. I think The Avengers flew because a) it was great and b) it made people forget about their tax returns and partners affair for 2 hours. You're trading a green guy smashing things up for a show with parallels to NSA snooping. That isn't a slam against the show; I think the show concept, about dealing with the people left behind to pick up the pieces of change, is absolutely worth exploring and I think it has a good chance of hitting it big.
This is a concern. In order to really know about this program, if you are not a Joss person, you would need to watch ABC. Which I actually do not. There is not one program on ABC that I watch, so I have not ever seen an AoS promo. On TV, that is; I have seen one here. So, I might not even know of the show as a result.
I don't watch anything on ABC either, so I haven't seen any TV ads, but I've seen plenty of ads on bus stops, billboards, etc. I think its being pretty well publicized...
Yeah, I'd be surprised if there's much audience for this show that WOULD be watching but for not having heard of it. ABC has done commendable work with promotion. Billboards, bus ads, TV ads, Facebook and Twitter presence... it's everything I always wanted Dollhouse to have.
Xbox, there's an ad there too now. The Iron Man 2 movie slash SHIELD commercial in the same timeslot last night was a nice touch. Ads are everywhere, and they're good ads, and I am very happy about both.
Well no matter what happens I don't think anyone can say that ABC did not promote enough

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