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September 18 2013

Miracle Laurie in American Horror Story promo photo. On her Facebook page (here) she states that she is not in this AHS season ("yet"!), but this is indeed her in the promo photo.

She's too good! Owowowie!
Oh yay! She and Liza Lapira were the best new discoveries from Dollhouse.
...Does Enver not count as a discovery? It's arguable if Lachman or Kranz do since I suppose they've both done relatively high profile-ish things previously.

But yeah, while I don't watch American Horror Story they do have some amazingly evocative promo material.
It's a shame she's not on the show, I'd like to see her to do more horror.
I thought Miracle Laurie was stunning in every way on Dollhouse. I truly hope that her career picks up and we get to see her in many more roles.
Something beyond a Chevy comemrcial. (likewise Iyari and Honda commercials.)

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