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September 20 2013

(SPOILER) Press release for the third episode of Agents of SHIELD. "The Asset" was written by Jed Whedon & Maurissa Tancharoen and directed by David Solomon.

Here's an alternative link with more info about Graviton. ;)
Wonderful to see David Solomon is on board again!
Anyone else finding that they are not looking at all the clips, previews and spoilers?

(Except for the recent shot done oversees that everyone discussed)

I thought that I would track the spoilers as I have tended to do for fav show since LOST. ( not a reflection of that show, just a change in my own habits).

I really DON'T want to know too much and that's new or rather maybe retro?

It also means I'm not talking it up much. Maybe after I see the ep on Tuesday?
Will that should appease the fans complaining about the lack of established Marvel characters on the show.
I actually don't mind reading spoilers, but I am definitely not doing marathon hunt for them like I used to do back in the days of Buffy and Angel.

However, I am doing what I did back with The Avengers, and decided only to watch the main trailers and ignore pretty much the rest of the preview clips they were showing. Don't mind reading, but want experience it by myself.

So this is a Jed & Mo episode, kind of anxious for the next ones which will start to feature the new hires for the writing staff. Wonder which one of the new writers will be another amazing addition.

I still remember Dollhouse bringing us Andrew Chambliss, who was wonderful there, even if I still think that Christos Gage fared a lot better in Season 9 content that Andrew did.

Really happy to see David Solomon back.
Sometimes I just want to cherry pick all the Whedony screenwriters from their current projects, put'em in a basket, stick a bow on it and say "Here ya go, Jed and Maurissa, have a blast."

I think I ship writers with producers now. Am I at the next level of fandom?

But seriously, I'm looking forward to seeing the work of new writers.
I'm looking forward to new writers but really hoping some of the Buffy writing staff can contribute the occasional script.
I think I ship writers with producers now. Am I at the next level of fandom?

Haha. Finally a ship I can relate to!

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