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September 20 2013

Georges Jeanty illustrates Dark Horse's Serenity. Comic Book Resources has an interview with the artist and there's preview artwork to be had as well.

I could have sworn we were told at LeakyCon who the writer was, because I swear that I asked Scott Allie at the panel we were both on. Maybe I'm hallucinating.
Do we assume this means Georges will not be doing Buffy Season 10?It feels like it from the tone of the article.
Given that Georges said he would be involved in Season 10, I think maybe this Serenity series will be used to fill in the wait for Season 10?
Now I'm very excited and hopeful that Rebekah will be drawing the main Buffy book next season! Perhaps Georges will do a Season 10 miniseries down the line.
Not hugely overjoyed at that news unfortunately. I hope he manages the Serenity likenesses better than Buffy.
I really hope Rebekah and Gage won't be drawing and writing Buffy book leaving Angel.
They need to leave Angel and spread their magic to Buffy. Besides, the Angel book won't be the same without Faith.
Vaguely recalling that this was a post-Serenity movie comic book thread. If Joss is now finally willing for others to tell canon stories set in the 'Verse set after the movie, diehard fans should take this as the final sign that Firefly isn't coming back.
I have a vague memory of Jeanty saying that this is a two issues thing but I may be wrong
@Anca - two issues? That's a little upsetting. I know Allie has spoken against doing a full ongoing with Serenity, but I haven't been as thrilled with the short miniseries done as I've wanted to be. I think if any Joss property (Josserty?) were to work well in an ongoing, monthly comic format, it would be Firefly/Serenity.

The CBR article seems to avoid specifically mentioning how long this will run, I guess this as well as the author's identity are being saved up for NYCC.
Vaguely recalling that this was a post-Serenity movie comic book thread.

Drawn by the traditional artist of the Buffy comics, so this majorly concerns BtVS Season 10 as well.

I have never been into Firefly or Serenity (although I much preferred Serenity to Firefly), so I am going to skip these books. I am interested in what potential impact this will have on BtVS.
Which is understandable but I like to see people talk about the topic in hand. It encourages the lurkers to come out and chat especially in regards to a franchise that doesn't make the front page as much these days as it did in the past.

And I'm also assuming the writer will be revealed at NYCC. But I'm guessing it'll be Zack Whedon. I think I read somewhere that Shepherd's Tale is Dark Horse's biggest selling Whedonverse graphic novel so keeping him on would be a wise decision (especially for the "finding God in a bowl of soup" scene - which is probably the Whedonverse's best ever spiritual moment).
[...]diehard fans should take this as the final sign that Firefly isn't coming back. live action form. Perhaps - only time will tell (and let's not forget the potential world of spinoffs.)

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I would love Zack writing this. After the amazing job he did with Shepherd's Tale, I can't think of anyone better short of The Big Purple himself. Though come to think of it I'm not sure if Zack just wants to be known for working on his brother's properties. It seems like they have a great working relationship, but I don't want to assume.

Still, it'd be awesome.
I don't believe this is two issues.
Who's doing the writing? I feel like I'm being Gaslighted. It was less than two months ago (in this thread) that we had a link to SDCC: Star Wars vs. Serenity:

Scott Allie informed the audience Dark Horse is working on new stories set after the film written by Zack Whedon.

"'Shepherd's Tale' was the first comic we did that really looked at the world from the point of time that the movie ended and afterward," Allie said. "It showed us Zack could capture the style of that world in a way nobody except for his brother has been able to do, so we said we've got to do more Serenity comics with Zack." (emphasis added)

Anyway, I'm looking forward to more Serenity stories. Though, the "seven characters" part (vs. nine) made me a little sad.

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