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September 20 2013

S.H.I.E.L.D. sneak peek includes brief footage from later episodes. A fuller 90 second trailer will air on Monday night on ESPN during Monday Night Countdown in the US.

Nice. Even though as I haven't seen all the preview clips released yet, and obviously haven't had the opportunity to watch the pilot beforehand, hard to tell which scenes are from the following episodes.
I hate to say it but the main characters in this show seem really cliched.

There's the geeky tech guy, stalwart agent guy, prim n proper English gal, there's even a asian 'martial arts expert'!

I know most of Joss's shows start off like that and eventually become more nuanced, but this time the show looks almost comically stereotypical.
Yep, I was thinking exactly the same thing butterz
Eventually becoming more nuanced probably needs more than a 26 second trailer, in fairness.
Yeah it takes a while for characters to develop. Jayne would seem really stereotypical in a 26 second or even 5 minute clip and he is one of the best characters in a Whedon show.

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