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September 21 2013

Wonderfalls DVD coming to Region 2. Release date is 28th of October, priced at around £29.99.

What on earth? NOW? After idontknowhowmany years? Craziness!

I feel like I have imported the NTSC set eons ago.
Well it's never too late. I absolutely love that show, if you haven't seen it, you know what to do !
I thought this had come out in the UK and I'm still holding out for a release of The Inside.
still holding out for a release of The Inside

Oh I love this show, i just finished rewatching it a month ago.
So cute and Funny. And I miss Lee Pace on Television.

For those watching Hannibal there is a weird crossover with Wonderfalls (the Fullerverse is a thing), even though the shows cuold not be any more different.
What's the Whedon connection with this? Tim Minear as producer? Never seen the show, so just curious.
Well, besides Tim Minear as a producer, Jewel Staite was on the show as the bitchy wife of the Ms. Dhavernas' character's love interest. Sort of a dry run for being her diva character from The LA Complex, as she apparently plays a woman as far away from Kaylee as you can get without making the character a complete caricature of a villain.
Wonderfalls needs to be Kickstarted into a movie, ASAP.
Tim tried to get Fox to release a package of The Inside with Strange World on DVD. Obviously, it didn't come to pass. Also, coming up in March, it will be the 10 year anniversary of Wonderfalls! :)
I would LOVE a DVD of Strange World and The Inside. Love the Inside, and I've never seen Strange World. Sounds like a good double feature.
Tim Minear wasn't just a producer, he was also the show runner. I love this show so much and it used to be my favorite Fuller show until Hannibal. It's really smart, whimsical, quirky, and snarky. Caroline Dhavernas is truly a godsend. Without her I don't think the show would be half as good as it is.
I think Hannibal is pretty lousy compared to Wonderfalls and the magnificent and whimsical Pushing Daisies, but that's probably due to the subject matter (he's a CANNIBAL!!!!!).

I wish Mockingbird Lane had gone to series, as it had everything I love and want in a Bryan Fuller series.

I totally missed the Wonderfalls/Hannibal crossover because I hadn't watched WF in a while and had forgotten about that character. But I love that Bryan is trying to keep his former shows alive (albeit in a twisted new way). There's also a cool re-imagining of George from Dead Like Me in Hannibal.

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