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September 22 2013

ABC announces Tweetapalooza including the cast of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on premiere night. During ABC's Tweetapalooza the network talent will live tweet during the episode broadcasts and fans can interact with them using specific hashtags, other Whedon alums involved include Nathan Fillion for Castle on Sept 23rd and Lisa Lapira for Super Fun Night on Oct 2nd.

Curiously the Press Release doesn't make it clear if it'll be for both coasts, pointing specifically only for East Coast broadcast time.

Right, that, OR, I could you know, WATCH the show.
Can I get a chorus of "Heart, Broken" y'all?
@streetartist Seriously! I don't want *any* distractions, not even from the cast and crew.
I think half the reason Nordic Noir got such a strong following in UK is because people had to pay attention to the subtitles on screen rather than tweet what was happening. No social media distractions meant a greater focus on what was going on. Or something like that.
Does anybody know what the options are for those of us without TVs? I don't stream things illegally as a matter of principal... Any info on when ABC is gonna post it elsewhere? Hulu or some such?
It will be available to stream (in the US) on and In the UK it will be available to stream on

Note the live tweeting is being done on East Coast times.
Tweet on commercial breaks, that's my motto.
I'm with swanjun. I want no distractions. At all. I try to watch Joss shows in a vacuum if at all possible. It's bad enough I work Tuesday nights and have to watch it on DVR, but I have no control over that.

Twitter just makes me feel old anyway. I signed up when Joss got an account, and then I immediately forgot about it. I just don't get it.
Does anyone know if it will be published on iTunes?
Hope so, MissKittysMom. I hope so.
Pretty sure I saw something like a preview video or an annoucement from Apple about SHIELD being on iTunes. Whether it was the US or Canadian version, I'm not sure, though I presumed it was the US version due to most of the newsletter and notices I get about iTunes programming is for the American store, even though I run a Canadian store account.
I think it'll be Amazon on Demand as well.
In the US the show is available on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video and Xbox TV. I think each has a season pass option, you're looking at around $40 to own each episode in HD. It will be streamable for free on ABC and Hulu for a limited time.

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