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September 22 2013

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to air at same time as US in India. Star World Premiere will beam it to India at the same time as the US airing each week. In related news, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will air in Sweden on Kanal 5, and be available early to stream online. The show will also be airing in Ireland next Sunday 8pm. And the show will have a double episode premiere in Australia on Seven on October 2nd at 7.30pm.

That's cool, a LOT of potential viewers there. Is there any chance that, if the show does only ok in the US(not trying to jynx it) but great worldwide, it will increase its chance of renewal?
Marvel gets the international money (in a simplified way of looking at it) so it certainly gives options. ABC will currently be paying for a bulk of production, however if you're big internationally there's some fancy commercial footwork you can do.
I'm thinking that airing a brand new show at 5:30am in the morning isn't going to pull in the crowds.
Is that the time it will air in India?
If it airs at 8pm on the East Coast, it should be airing at 5:30am in Delhi (by my calculations). Though I know nothing about Indian tv, I would assume the show will be repeated at a more convenient time later that day. Saying it airs at the same time in the US is a very nice publicity gimmick.
Maybe they simucast the West Coast feed? I remember Sky airing the Fringe finale at same time as US, at like 2am. I'm not sure how many viewers they got.
That's curious, a bit surprised by this considering that Star World is a Fox affiliate. As entire Latin America is going with Sony for the broadcast, I thought that might happen in Asia also, with them going with AXN. Wonder if this will also happen with the rest of Asia. Been tracking some of the AXN pages in Asia, with people asking about Agents of SHIELD, and their official response so far has been "no plans".

ETA: Was just reminded that both Star World and Sony/AXN that are mentioned above, are all basic cable channels, with slightly wider reach than say common network channels. So it won't be full capacity reach in those countries.

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We also have the airdate for Australia. It will air on Seven with a double episode premiere starting from 7:30pm Wednesday October 2. So, after that we'll be just hours behind the US.

Smashing, I'll add that news to the entry.

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