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September 22 2013

Watch Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion sing and dance together at the Emmys! Neil Patrick Harris is joined by Nathan Fillion and Sarah Silverman to perform a number in the middle of the show called "The Number in the Middle of the Show". Of course!

Wonderful. As always!
Nathan's left ankle looked sprained. His foot was supinating pretty badly as he walked and he was leaning on the bannister at the end of the number. I hope he's OK...
EW had gathered some of the cool gif, that must bespreading through tumbler like crazy.
wow wow wow captain hammer and dr horrible reunited once again with a song in their hearts, why can't they televise this show in the uk?
That just made me absurdly happy.
Nice to see Richard Edgar Alexander Rogers Castle, or R.E.A.R Castle still got it.
NF did not even give NPH a wedgie. Very restrained!
Haha, Sarah Silverman always cracks me up.

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