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September 23 2013

Ming-Na Wen talks Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: "It doesn't get any better than this". Ming-Na Wen on her character Agent Melinda May, and the show's structure.

The Joss interview was posted the other day so I've tweaked your entry to solely reflect the Ming-Na entry.
Is it weird that I am really curious about the show's budget, especially what they actually have for the weekly episodes, a not what they had for the Pilot.

It feels regal and maybe very expensive, however shooting outside the US, might be more accessible than it seems, considering Covert Affairs, does it a lot on an USA budget, looking a lot more authentic than the fake out placeholders that Alias used to do, which was a ABC show.
Disney has very big pockets, I guess? The show also markets the movies. Still no word of how many episodes this season has.
Yeah, information about the actual episode order seems conflicting, I've read stories claiming they ordered the full 22-episode season already, yet a lot of other sources seems to point to only a standard pick-up of 13 episodes (Pilot + 12).

Considering they're midway through the production of episode 7, and possibly pre-production for 8, seems like we'll learn an answer for this very soon.
There's been no announcement on episode order. At the upfronts ABC were talking in general terms of moving to a model of ordering 12 episodes of a show, then if they're successful ordering another 12 episodes and splitting the season (i.e. air them later next year) -- that way you avoid going into repeats. Given how close international networks are airing the show, and how little international networks like airing repeats randomly...

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Tip for anyone with episode order/pickup questions. The Futon Critic always has the latest (officially announced) information on that sort of thing. Really stellar database over there.
Regarding the budget for future episodes -- I think Marvel in general, and Joss in particular, are very good at making high quality projects on smaller budgets. From a recent Clark Gregg interview:

Yeah, it’s crazy. You know, after we did the pilot, I thought, it took longer than you normally do to make an episode—a little over three weeks. You know episodes take eight days. I thought, “how are they going to do this every week?” Then it starts out, well, the first episode, once we get picked up will be a bunch of people in a life raft.

If anything, the next one was to be twice as big in scope as the pilot, and radical in the stuff that they did. I was just like, “OK, I don’t know how the hell they’re going to do this.” But I think, again, we’re really benefitting from being a new kind of stream from this Marvel river, which is, they really got a system down. They have fantastic stunt guys, and a visual effects team that makes stuff that I think normally would have taken three or four months. They’re doing it so that every week, there’s green-screen stuff that we shoot and I cannot believe what we’re looking at. And it’s stuff that wouldn’t have been possible to do four years ago. So, I think to answer your question—suddenly, this work’s possible.

The Joss interview was posted the other day so I've tweaked your entry to solely reflect the Ming-Na entry.

Thanks. I thought it was a different one or I'd have done the same.
Gossi did you mean 11 + 11 rather 12 + 12 episodes ? Cause anything beyond 22 episodes per year on an hour show is pretty out of the ordinary any more ime.

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