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September 23 2013

M.A.O.S. Declassified: Episode 1. Looks like ABC/Marvel is doing a weekly recap/behind-the-scenes/commentary web series for Agents of SHIELD.

Doctor Who Confidential has a lot to answer for but I did laugh (once).
Surprisingly, I laughed half a dozen times. Very silly, true, but I guess that's my style. :)

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Yeah, it was stupid, but I enjoyed it too. I think I'd get sick of the style over the course of a season though.

Wasn't Torchwood's behind-the-scenes show called Declassified too?
Couldn't watch it, looks like it might be region blocked.

Not surprised considering there's a main sponsor involved: Variety has a few more details about this endevour.
I could watch it in the UK, which is odd cause ABC have been blocking some videos here.

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