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September 23 2013

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. premieres today, here's the latest epic trailer. Featuring new footage, this trailer made its debut on ESPN. And good luck for the show tonight!

The clip at 1:15 looks like the same device Simon used to knock out the guards while rescuing River.
And the day has arrived.

Here's a really interesting interview with Jed and Mo from CBR, thought I'd just comment about it here, instead of crowding the front page with another interview.
@WithoutCaution, that's what I thought too!
I'm really excited the day has come at last. Yet also nervous ratings wise even if I know logically it should be fine as its a Marvel show.

Mostly I'm interested in seeing the show on a weekly basis, a lot is known about the pilot and I look forward to being more spoiler-free for future episodes.
I still worry that people are going to be upset when they realise they aren't going to be getting Thor beating up obscure-villain-x while Iron Man has coffee with Fury in the show every week. Or that the fact that Joss is less involved and it is more Jed/Mo could still reflect badly on it in some ways (ie people expecting it to be a Joss show when it kind of isn't.)
Still as long as we never EVER get an episode where Agent Coulson is a backing dancer to a diva Iron Man...
*shakes fist warningly at J/Mo*

And yes that is indeed the bouncing betty from Serenity. Different prop though. Neat touch.

EDIT: The "I know Agent Coulson..." line actually indicates that Coulson himself must know that his death has been hoaxed (since he clearly overheard it.)

So... he knows that much, but he's going along with it and not letting the Avengers know he survived (why? and what reason did they give him that he would go along with that? and without him questioning how/why...), but he doesn't know whatever mysterious thing is that really happened for him to be back, but he needs to know his death has been faked... but... but... AHHHHH*GUNSHOT*

So. Very. Confused. I can't wait to see how this can possibly add up.

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I'm just so happy to see the Whedon name on my TV that I'm going to try and get a pic of it!

I'm pathetic.
apollo11: I think it will be a Joss show just as Angel was a Joss show, even though his name wasn't always so visible in the credits (aside from being credited as a co-creator). But according to all the other writers, he was still very much involved in the background (coming up with story ideas, rewriting scripts, polishing dialogue, overseeing seasonal story arcs etc.). And let's not forget that during this time, there was a point when he had 3 shows on the air simultaneously.

Judging by what we know from various SHIELD-related interviews, he is serving in a similar capacity for this show as well:

Just how involved is Joss Whedon?

He's pretty busy making another Avengers movie, but he's involved in shaping the story, and they run every idea past him, says Jed Whedon. "We're in constant contact." His presence will be felt, adds Tancharoen.

There was even that rumor that he rewrote some episodes "just an hour before the table read"...
Yes, I get that impression as well. Means I can recyle these remarks by Tim Minear about Joss' involvement on Angel.

Anyway, speaking as guy who was one of the heavy lifters on Angel, Joss was totally involved. At least from seasons one through four when I was there. (And in his interview, David Fury says Joss actually put in *more* face time in season five, so make of that what you will...) Every single story was broken with Joss. Angel locking the lawyers in the wine cellar? Joss. Angel firing his crew? Joss. The big showdown to hell being a simple elevator ride? Joss. Darla being staked to have her baby? Okay, that we me. Still. I pitched that she *gets* staked, Joss said, “what if she stakes herself?” I think you can see the value of that particular modification.

Thing was, he could spin out some idea and I’d understand in two seconds what he meant and could go do it, and he didn’t have to worry. It was like that with all of us. But the driving force, the guy at the wheel, that was Joss. He’d chart where we needed to go, vet outlines, drafts, and always sit in on a cut after I was done and give notes. He was involved.

At one point Joss used to have 3 shows and his first comic book series running at the same time.

Joss has famously claimed that it was due to Marti Noxon's intervention and for David Greenwalt's dismay, when he moved Tim Minear from Angel and made him a showrunner for Firefly. So he had people he trusted doing the heavy-lifting of the daily activities of running each one of the shows, allowing him to be involved in all 3 of them, instead of spending all of his time on Firefly (reasoning behind Marti's intervention).

Current condition is very similar when compared to how crazy things were then. He's writing and working on Avengers: Age of Ultron, doing his consulting thing for Marvel (occasionally dropping in like a SQUAT team to help the other movies being produced), overseeing Season 10 and Firefly follow-up comics with Scott Allie and still working on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., where seems like Jed and Mo are the most active showrunners, and they have Jeffrey Bell (who if I'm not mistaken helped on show-running Angel Season 5) as back-up.
@Hann23: That's not 'pathetic', that's great.

Just don't do anything crazy like get a tattoo of it or something... :-)
Now that's something to ponder....
Can't wait until tonight.I even picked up the Iron Man 3 blu Ray a little while ago and plan to watch it before the series premiere tonight.
I can't imagine anyone taking a snapshot of his name on screen... *whistles innocently, definitely didn't do that during the Much Ado credits at the cinema... or Cabin in the Woods...*

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