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September 24 2013

TV Guide interviews Jed and Maurissa about Agents of SHIELD. A great interview including their approach to this universe, about a "database that shows them properties they can and can't touch" and an official confirmation about existent episode order. There's also a mildly spoilery interview with them from CBR, a interview to The Hollywood Reporter in which they address that recent Defamer report, and this piece from Blastr where they mention a big theme of season 1. Related, here's TV Guide's Matt Rousch brief review.

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They've said it so many times now that they almost HAVE to have a character at some point say "You just missed Thor, he had his shirt off."
Yknow, the show has real potential to meet the four quadrants. My husband & my thirteen year all want to watch it. That wasn't too surprising.

But then my six year old, who despises all of my shows because they are scary, said he wanted to watch the "super hero show" with me.

We may try with noise canceling headset and a blanket.


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In the HR interview, they comment on that infamous Defamer gossip item.

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