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September 24 2013

Listen to the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. theme. As revealed by the composer Bear McCreary.

Oh man, wishin' work didn't block YouTube!
I hope the soundtrack becomes available pretty quickly because I don't want to wait long for it. Bear said his dream project was doing a superhero score and a Whedon show and guess what Bear turns out its my dream as well because it sounds pretty fantastic so far.
...I literally cannot hear such a thing as a tune in that. :/
OK. Want this. Want to purchase the score!!
Full Orchestra every week! O_O
I have to say, that doesn't sound half bad. I need to hear more of the music and maybe get some context, though.
Sounds VERY similar to Silvestri's "Avengers" score, which is DEFINITELY a good thing!
Take my love, take my land, take me where i cannot stand. Idc, im still free, Agents of Shield is on tvvvvv!

At least, thats how i imagine it goes.
haha loved the Emmy bit at the end
Man, I do love Bear's scoring :) Er... imagine hearing that without being able to see the punctuation.
This guy is sick talented. His work in BSG is beyond awesome.
I like this. So happy to have Bear McCreary on this project, and I'm eager to listen to more tonight.

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