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"So I could be alone with my, you know...sweaty...shirtless...shame."
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September 24 2013

Join Whedonesque to talk about the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. premiere. Registration is open.

JOIN US! You will not regret it...or perhaps you will when your productivity cuts in half.
What SuperScuba Said. You will meet awesome people, make lifelong friends, potentially find the Love of Your Lifetm(it's true, ask me how!), and lose endless hours of your productivity trying to find unobvious ways to say snarky things about the lesser of your favorite vampires so as to avoid the fury of your fellow posters and the wrath of the mods. We <3 you already, you just don't know it yet!
Yay! I've been wanting to join for a long time now. Thanks, guys.

I think my main fear at this point is that the explanation for how Coulson is still alive will seem like cheating to me.
I'm very happy to join!
GO AW... I mean welcome! Come, sit with us! We have a nice comfortable sofa, there's always drinks of your preferred variety, and... uhm... we're very clean. Usually. Mostly. Enjoy the fun at Rancho Whedonesque!

Whedonesque: "We're genuinely not that bad - honest!" [t.m.]

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A big welcome to new members YAY :D

Wont be able to see AoS live though *sad puppy*
Just checked and apperantly I joined almost 7 years ago. Time sure does fly.
I remember wanting to join for a long time before, and only after I joined I realized I didn't have that much to say. But this site is still a favorite of mine, and still the best plave for Joss news.

Can't wait to haze the newbs, or welcome them. And to see what will probably be a huge discussion post about the first episode.
Just joined so glad to be a member!
Welcome Newbies!!! This site is the best!! Everyone is so kind and respectful!! Love To All! Can't wait to see this board after the first episode!!!! Enjoy!!
Welcome, new members! :D
I cannot believe how long ago it was that I joined on such an invitation. And I've checked for the latest news nearly every day since.

I hope you Newbies enjoy this site and our community as much as I do. Welcome!
Welcome to the new members.I just finished watching the Iron Man 3 Blu Ray and I'm about to watch the Agent Carter short on the Blue Ray in preparation for the premiere tonight.

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Yes - join us! And kiss your productivity goodbye!
I'm a long-time lurker, first-time poster. Becoming a member of Whedonesque is nearly as exciting as the impending Agents of SHIELD premiere!
You're my new favourite new person. You, the new person reading this right now. All the rest of them are less good than you.
Hello Whedonesque! I've finally joined after years of lurking. Great time to join, on this auspicious day for the Whedonverse! Greetings from Glasgow.
Welcome to all the long time lurkers, that are finally able to post, have fun and enjoy.
Welcome, New Ones - now I must run away until the U.S. east coast premiere is over and I can watch the west coast airing.

Enjoy your stay, make sure you visit the pie buffet, and remember to tip your waiter.

*hotfoots it outta spoiler Dodge*
Thank you so much for opening registrations. I've lurked this site for years, but never had the nerve to sign up until now. I'm glad I'm here. *waves*
Welcome to all the wonderful shiny new folk!
Welcome to all the newbies!
After 10 years(? - there abouts) of reading this blog I have finally found a window of joining.

It was okay, I guess.
Welcome new Whedonesque posters and lurkers! I don't suppose there's any chance of calling us all W'esquers, pronounced "Whiskers ..."

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