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September 24 2013

Tony Head joins 'Dominion' pilot. The Syfy show is based on the movie 'Legion'.

So does that mean that May-December comedy of his didn't pan out? Wish his site would come back up so I could check on things like this, and his return to Warehouse 13.

This sounds like a good show - too bad it's on cable.
I never got around to seeing Legion -- anyone? Still, if Tony's in it... :)
Legion wasn't too bad. A bit too slow, but some good funny horror/action stuff in there. Clearly influenced by The Terminator and nowhere near as good, but worth 90 minutes of your time, in my opinion.
I thought Legion was some pretty terrific nonsense. Plus it has our very own Doug Jones, so what's not to like.
I just heard a great interview with Doug the other day on the Nerdist Podcast. Good stuff, though he seemed to be performing a bit, which can get a little old. Your mileage may vary.
I'd describe Legion as being a lot like the Terminator except with all the fake, illogical science-y stuff (ie. time travel) switched out for lots of awesome, pseudo-biblical supernatural end-of-days-ness and random cool British sounding beings wandering around doing awesome things - ie. definitely worth checking out. It's funny - I only checked it out on a whim (was doing research into films featuring evil ice-cream truck drivers...) and the one thing that really bummed me out about it was how there were evidently no plans for a sequel or anything...
So is he going to be playing a Founder, a Vorta or a Jem'Hadar?

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