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September 24 2013

Clare Kramer and Ray Wise in the Trailer for "Big Ass Spider". Hits theaters and VOD on October 18th.

Given the title alone, I'll never watch this.
Shouldn't it be "Big-Ass*ed* Spider"? (I am not doubting the accuracy of the title in the post, just the word choice of the people who came up with the title.) Spiders don't normally scare me, but I have to say, I'd worry about something called an Ass Spider - although, who knows, maybe that's exactly what the movie is about ...
Yep, there's Clare....from 1:18 to 1:19. Don't blink.
alexreager ; Thanks, makes me feel better about my decision.
So, those of you who watched the trailer (I can't bring myself to do it): is it a spider with a large ass or a particularly large specimen of something called an Ass Spider? Ok, I'll stop now.
Aw, I think it looks like silly good fun. I like the cast and it's surely not taking itself seriously.

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