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September 25 2013

12 Signs It's a Joss Whedon Project. EW slide show: "Strong women? Self-aware dialogue? We ID the geek auteur's signature moves to look for in 'Agents of SHIELD.'"

Joss has some fans over at that EW place.
Yeah, he's always been popular over yonder :). On the EW note, I was surprised at the order of the rankings in their top 100 TV Shows piece recently.
Better written than I expected, not just another piece thrown out there as click-bait.

However, clearly missing among the listed items, and still one of the most powerful items within Whedon-lore is the subject of Found Families.
I feel like they're attempting to get at the found family thing with #11, but don't quite make it.
Ooh, ooh who wants to see a Muppety interlude in Age of Ultron?! *raises hand*

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