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March 05 2004

Dark Worlds 5.16 Review Some mixed feelings about "Shells" and speculation on the seasons Big Bad.

I'm always amused to see the DarkWorlds reviews pop up here. Their author is a good friend of mine -- why yes, that same "VeggieBelle" friend who posted the report on the W&H Annual Revue.

She's always so shocked whenever she's mentioned here or quoted somewhere. It's amusing.
Well, it was an excellent review. The only sucky part was the mention that we have to wait forever for the next episode!! Not her fault though.
I liked the review, too. I agree that the Big Bad will be the Senior Partners. How could it not be them? It's just too juicy a scenario....figuring out what roles Gunn and Lindsey and Eve and Illyria would play vis-a-vis the Senior Partners is just too fun. Not to mention, if ME decides to bring them in, the role that Buffy & the Scoobies might play. They're already pitted against W&H and are giving Angel the cold shoulder because of his involvement with the evil firm.

I can't wait to find out more from Illyria about the beginnings of "Wolf Ram & Hart" as she put it. We need a cool origin story for our favorite nest of legal vipers!

I just rewatched "Home" and was struck by a couple of things in terms of Season Five and the upcoming finale: (1) what in HELL was/is W&H's plan for Gunn?!!! Gunn's guide for the W&H tour in "Home" tells Gunn, "What makes you think Angel is our priority?" as she leads him to the elevator that takes him up to the White Room, where Gunn and the Big Cat communicate something SIGNFICANT silently and meaningfully. What?? What is this all about? Why did the new conduit (appearing as Gunn himself) strike Gunn repeatedly and tell him that he is "failing?" This whole Gunn thing has got me totally obsessed. (2) At least two of the guides that led the gang in the W&H tour in "Home" have since done bad, bad things to Angel and friends.....Knoxie for one, and that uptight ex-watcher dude who purposefully misinterprets the Shanshu text in season five's "Destiny."
I loved Shells, a really great episode.
Just giving my two cents on phlebotinin musings about "Home" and the relation to the events on this season so far.
Now thinking a little bit about the other 3 guides.
- Lorne hasn't really done a lot this season, and I can't quite remember what did happen to his guide. But something that keep hitting on me is how many times Lorne's reading people power has failed, or seemed to read people wrong, something might have happenned to me.
- Well, Lilah was Lilah, we know her well, she's just Lilah, even if she might want some closure to herself, she's still contractily bound to the firm, just like Holland Manners did. Lilah did work pretty hard to convince Angel on taking the offer. How does this whole contract thing really work, especially in Lindsay's case. We did see him leave, but did he really leave, back on "dead end" before coming back this season?
- Now back to Gunn's guide, as far as I remember from "Home", she did disappear right after the elevator reached the white room. What if she was actually some sort of outside manifestation of the conduit. What if his guide was the conduit all along.
This is really something to think about. Everything does somehow fit in the SP master plan.
Now I'm really thinking about how Fred might be brought back, but this is whole another discussion, maybe I'll write about it tomorrow.
"What makes you think Angel is our priority?" -- Maybe this is referring to their plans for Fred? At the time, it sounds like their priority was Gunn. And I suppose, in that situation, it was... because he was ultimately needed to help with Illyria's 'rebirth' or whatever you want to call it.
"What makes you think Angel is our priority?"

Maybe the guide meant the whole gang. What better way to get to Angel than through his friends. Angel, just like Buffy, has always been about his relationship to his friends. If you destroy the people he cares about the most, you destroy the man. Since the SP haven't had much luck in turning Angel over to their side maybe going through the Fang Gang one by one will corrupt all. Just a thought....

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