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"Good work zombie arm!"
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September 24 2013

TWoP thinks that other Whedonverse actors deserve their own shows. Television Without Pity states, "Here's to hoping that Clark Gregg getting leading man status on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. means even more Whedon alums will be back in the spotlight."

They have a point :)
I agree with all of these.
To be fair, Clark Gregg wasn't some actor that Joss picked from near-obscurity and made famous. He's been around the biz for quite awhile, though his involvement with Joss's projects have certainly given him a career boost.
Enver Gjokaj really deserves to not only have his own show but be a big star.
And I would love to see Amber Benson in a starring role, but I think that ship has sailed.
Enver Gjokaj!
Sure I had to use copy paste to get his name right, not to mention trying to say it, but that guy is the best. He was one of the best things about Dollhouse (his Victor-Topher was the best).

I also really want Sean Maher on my television set. now please.
Still can't help but wonder, if I went to the Harold Shea Foundation and got them to set up syllogismobiles to the Buffyverse, DHverse, HIMYMverse, "T"verse, etc. and looked up the shows and movies these actors did there - I'll never lose my curiosity on that.
Enver’s Victor/Topher was priceless!
Enver’s Victor/Topher was priceless!
I'm gonna assume Topher posted one of those, lrigstoile, and then Victor agreed.

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Also missing James Marsters - one of the best of the Whedonverse actors.

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