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September 24 2013

Watch part of the 'Bus Ado' extra from the Much Ado About Nothing DVD/Blu-ray. The movie is currently available on VOD and will be out in DVD and Blu-ray on next month.

Can't wait to watch the whole extra. Still one of the coolest stories from the Much Ado promotion.
I'm really looking forward to this and the rest of the extras! From all accounts, it seemed like the filming of Much Ado was a total blast for the cast and crew. I'd love to learn more about what went on behind-the-scenes. =D
I love how serious this makes Bus Ado look.
I really want to order the blu-ray, but I'd like to hear first from someone who has bought it whether it's multi-region. Because of problems in the past, I'm hesitant to buy single-region blu-ray (since my computer, which is region A, keeps forgetting how to play blu-ray, and my separate player is region B), so I'll have to wait for solid info.

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