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September 25 2013

ABC to repeat "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." on Thursday at 8pm. If you missed Tuesday's premiere (or forgot to DVR it), here's your chance to see it again.

Does that happen often?
Fox did that for the Sleepy Hollow pilot last Friday. I'm guessing not all of the Thursday night line-up is ready to go...or they want to tease CBS again by running it against Big Bang Theory
It's common for series premieres where they overspend on marketing. :) They want to get as many people to sample as possible with that kind of campaign. They had a repeat of Shark Tank in that slot formerly. Nothing to lose (and everything to gain) by re-running it.
For peeps in the U.S. - Hulu is streaming the pilot. Not sure if they allow international.

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Now, the real question - will Sheldon be watching?
Hulu is US only.
Glad, because I have to switch out my DVR tomorrow, and I want to ensure I have it on the new one.
The pilot is also streaming on ABC's website. I was super-grateful when I realized that, as my DVR didn't record it for some reason.
I'm kind of glad because I think I need to watch it again.
Maybe, by some miracle, it'll be less of a bland mess this time around...

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