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September 26 2013

Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to TV with The Crazy Ones. SMG talks about her role and working with Robin Williams.

I really love Sarahs positive and happy energy, she is such an inspiration but I heavily disagree with some of the things she said about David Kelley.

Sarah worked with Joss for seven years and yet says "Nobody writes better than David" ? Just no.

Also not everything David Kelley did was that amazing. After all he was the one who made that embarassment of a Wonder Woman pilot that thankfully wasnt picked up.
I started to watch the show, got bored & spent the time texting my friend, since my Internet was down & I needed someone to talk to because my grandmother might need hospitalization.

Sorry, SMG - love you, but the pilot didn't do a thing for me. I'll give it one more episode, but to me it was Robin Williams being barely-contained zany, SMG trying to be the calm, rational one, and the other three just looking pretty.

I did like the relationship between Sidney and Simon, especially when she calmed him down and looked in his eyes - nice moment. I'll try it again when I don't have so much on my mind; it might grow on me.

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LOVED it. I don't usually watch shows like this but this was fun and it's the first thing since BtVS that has really showcased how charming SMG can be. I thought Sarah and Robin had great chemistry and they completely sold me on their relationship in just 20 minutes. I hope this is a hit.
I'm 100% with vampmogs on this.
Slightly forced in places, but hey, 't was only the first episode. I enjoyed it. Likeable cast.
Just a note, for those interested: The Crazy Ones did well last night, coming in with 15.6 million viewers and a 4.0 in the 18-49 demo. It beat out the other highly anticipated comedy, The Michael J. Fox Show, which got 7.2 million viewers, and a 2.1 in the demo.

It's worth noting, though, that The Crazy Ones had The Big Bang Theory as a lead in (5.6 in the demo, so TCO dropped viewers from that) whereas MJF had Parks and Recreation as it's lead in (1.3, so MJF built on it's audience).

I enjoyed The Crazy Ones, though it was annoying that essentially the whole pilot had already been shown via their promos.
I think it's a hit. I agree Caroline, seemed forced in a couple of spots but overall, I immediately liked a lot of the cast. And I liked the pacing.

It was great to see SMG back on the little screen smiling, laughing...and singing! (who ever expected to see that again any time soon?)
I liked it. The whole cast. The only part that seemed a little forced was the Sarah singing part. That didn't work for me. But MAN can Kelly Clarkson sing.
I enjoyed it. I even liked Sarah's singing, seemed like the most truly creative moment in the show. Sue shre wasn't good, she wasn't supposed to be.

Her voice, though, seemed off. My hopes are, in descending order of wanting to be true 1- she just had a scratchy throat this week only 2- this is a character voice in a deeper register from her normal 3- Buffy was a character voice, higher and softer than real-Sarah 4- she's starting smoking again after ?15? years clean.

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Not my kind of show, but I'm really pleased to hear that people like it. I hope it's a big success for SMG.

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