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September 27 2013

Patton Oswalt to guest on 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'. The episode will air later this year.

Oh excellent, Brooklyn is shaping up to be my favourite new comedy
Me too! I didn't have very high expectations, but since watching (and loving) the pilot I found out most of the people behind it were involved with Parks and Rec, so now I understand why I thought it was so great!
Agreed. Was not on my radar but had the day off and gave it a shot. Now it is on my dvr list. Quirky funny.
I meant to check this show out - Andre Braugher is just awesome. I hope it's catching on well enough that people can see Oswalt's appearance, and that Mr. Braugher can have a steady gig. (Just occurs to me how great it'd be to see 'dre on a Whedon project.]

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