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September 26 2013

(SPOILER) Marvel's press release for the fourth episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. This would be the second Whedonverse episode to be directed by a Star Trek actor.

Could the woman be Coulson's lady friend mentioned briefly as a cellist in The Avengers? That would put him in an awkward position.
The gender of the cellist is never mentioned in the Avengers.
KernelM -- it is, in fact:

Pepper: Fantastic. Ooh, I want to hear about the ah- cellist, is that still a thing?

Coulson: She moved back to Portland.

Huh... damn, I'll need to watch the movie again (oh no woe is me). I could swear I remember them seeming to go out of the way to not use a specific pronoun.
The cellist has also been mentioned in interviews (see my comment on another post) -- it's very clear that she's a "she".
Well, if they introduce the cellist Scarlet Witch for an AoS arc, then she can be the source of Coulson's resurrection (instead of an LMD) and lead into the Avengers sequel. That would be an awesome way of tying the two projects together in a Coulson-not-a-cyborg type of way.
Ya the pilot, I noticed that every time he mentioned Tahiti, he called it "a magical place". Interesting...
while I would love the Scarlet Witch on AoS, I would absolutely hate it if that cellist of Phil would be Wanda. That would be just...please no. It would feel immensely forced and contrived.

However having magic as the reason why Coulson is back is a cool idea. however Joss said that Coulsons journey back from the dead is entirely different than Buffys and since Buffy was brought back with magic, that seems to mean that magic will be unlikely to be the reason. Also I can imagine that Joss wouldnt wanna repeat himself like that. But I would definitely prefer magic over LMD as well.

Scarlet Witch will most likeley debut in Age of Ultron though, not in AoS. I dont think Marvel would allow that and that she is one of those things where Marvel told Joss not to touch that in the series. wanda is a big character and people are already hyped for her in AoU so I really doubt sheīll be introduced on TV in this universe. I cant wait for her costume design. I bet itīll be the ultimate version of it, much like with Hawkeye since that translates better to film (Though her recent 616 outfit in the Uncanny Avengers comics also looks pretty cool and less skimpy)

I totally need to re-watch IRON MAN 3 right now :)Thank God I already have the US- Blu Ray and dont have to wait until its released over here^^

Itīll be interesting to watch the movie again after watching the AoS Pilot since the Extremis story from the Pilot is basically continued in IM3.
Ya the pilot, I noticed that every time he mentioned Tahiti, he called it "a magical place". Interesting...

I'm going with post-hypnotic suggestion.
I'm intrigued by the plot description, but oddly enough, I am more excited by the episode's director, since I'm pretty sure it's the actress who played B'Elanna Torres on Star Trek: Voyager and I'm interested to see how her work behind the camera compares to her on-screen husband's (Robert Duncan MacNeil, who was a director of several episodes and a producer for Chuck with Adam Baldwin).
Buffy's second trip back from the dead was done by magic.
The first trip back was done with Red Cross artificial respiration after she drowned.

I don't think it will be magic, because it will get complaints of deus ex machina.
(The solution doesn't have to be overly surprising, if it is interesting.)

regarding Buffys deaths: have I ever claimed anything else? I just said that Buffy came back through magic once and thats why I think Coulson wont return the same way because Joss already said its a different journey then Buffys and he doesnt wanna be redundant. I dont get the point of you telling me how Buffy died. I watched Prophecy Girl and the Gift a gazillion times. You dont have to tell me how Buffy died....
Is Coulson as an LMD still a popular theory? I've only been reading Avengers/S.H.I.E.L.D. stuff here :)
yeah apparently its a very popular theory. Well at least people abandoned the "Coulson becomes Vision" idea :P

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