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September 27 2013

'The Crazy Ones' premieres big. Better numbers than 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' in total viewers.

Was it any good? And is it coming to the UK?
It felt really rushed but I definitely found myself laughing more than a few times. I liked it! I'll keep watching.
It got big numbers because it aired after BBT. SHIELD had to launch the night and did so superbly.
I don't think it's been picked up by a UK broadcaster yet.
I thought it was cute, but strained.
It's not a competition is it? I liked them both and hope they both are hits and run for a long time.
I haven't watched it yet, but I'm excited to give it a chance. Also, it's always fair to be patient with any series as it finds its rhythm. Even Buffy had to figure some stuff out before it REALLY started clicking.
I see the rerun of SHIELD did fairly well:

At ABC, a special repeat of rookie Tuesday drama “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” did a 1.4/4 in 18-49 and 5.2 million viewers overall in the 8 o’clock hour,

Not bad for a rerun up against the Big Bang Theory ratings juggernaut.
I didn't care for "The Crazy Ones." It feels like a 30-minute commercial with some unimpressive antics between Robin Williams and SMG.
Crazy Ones will fall off sharply next week when it has to follow the truly horrible "The Millers" instead of Big Bang Theory. Also, the ratings expectations are very different at CBS than ABC,NBC, or FOX. Shows that would be hits on those networks will get canceled on CBS. Just FYI.
IrrationaliTV; Looks horrible from the promos. (The actress playing the mother reminds me of the late Fran Ryan which is enough turn-off for me right there.) Maybe they can move TCO to 8:30 once the space frees up:-).
DaddyCatALSO, that is Margo Martindale who is a FABULOUS dramatic actress. She won the Emmy for best supporting actor a couple years ago for her amazing role on "Justified." She is criminally wasted on that supposed comedy crapfest. Hoping it is cancelled quickly so she can go back to her great recurring role on "The Americans."
Thanks - I watch very little original TV and never go to the movies so I'm way out of touch.
On the networks there is very little original TV to watch so that works out well. *sound effect* Seriously, though :) We do live in a golden age of original programming, it's just spread out between dozens of networks and 'networks'. The Crazy Ones had a few moments, but mostly it was a couple of actors I really loved making the best of so-so material. Robin Williams was also in it (enjoy him in dramas, find him maddening in comedies, your mileage almost certainly varies).
How to make "The Crazy Ones" better:
Take a chunk of Robin William's zaniness, and inject into SMG's character. She may not riff like Robin, but some quick wit will help her keep up with him

Second, move it to 8:30, most likely by December. We know it'll happen
I was pleasantly surprised! It's not super-great television but it was very cute and I will definitely keep watching.
I don't usually go for these type of shows but I did watch and thought it was okay.I'll probably continue to watch for next few episodes.
It felt strained to me too. And whoa with Sarah's makeup! Looked like she got hit with Homer's makeup gun.

I also prefer Robin in drama, but we know Sarah can bring the funny if the writing is solid. I'll give it another try.
I fell asleep during it, but wasn't particularly tired, so there you go... ; ]

Soporifics aside, it wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be. It was better writing than I expected (but that was a low bar to clear), and Sarah was good - though I agree, her character could use a little wit-injection.

I expected that I'd find Robin Williams a bit hard to take, and I found him so... but like zeitgeist, I prefer his dramatic roles. I've never enjoyed the much-loved comedic riffs, except in the early, early days, and I wasn't a Mork and Mindy fan, so Dead Poets Society did more for me than all his quick riffs about popular culture and his penis.

I expect the whole (well, the half that I watched) schmegegge got on my nerves a bit anyway, because of my dislike for the advertising business - but then, a sharp satire could've won my heart forever.

I'll prolly watch the pilot again and see if I can stick another episode.

(Forgot to say yesterday - I also thought Sarah was great in Harvard Man - very creepy.)
I think Sarah and Robin had great chemistry. Kelly Clarkson was surprisingly terrific in her guest role. I laughed out loud a couple of times. The pacing was a little off; but, it faired better than most network sitcoms that I have watched this year.
I loved it. I may not love everything David E. Kelly, but I did love LA Law, Harry's Law, Ally McBeal (at least until RDJ left) and I super-love Boston Legal. I hope it continues to do well.

I first saw Robin Williams when he guest-starred on Happy Days and I've loved him ever since. Sarah is in great company.

Saying love a lot. Don't care.
Of all the vignettes in the movie "Paris Je 'Taime,' Margo Martindale's was by far the best. She is an excellent if not well-known actor. And she plays evil very well indeed, but comedy is where I think she shines.
I liked the show. I thought Robin and Sarah had good chemistry and I think the more they work together, the better their chemistry will get. It did feel like it should have been an hour long because it seemed a little rushed or maybe I'm more used to David E. Kelly's shows being more suited to an hour. However it was one of the better comedy pilots I've tried in the last few years and I'll definitely be tuning in again. Hope it remains a success for Sarah and company.
I wish I could love Sarah in this, but I do not. She needs a much stronger role like she had in Buffy, heck cast her in Shields, she would kick ass.

Robin Williams, sorry sir but no, you lost me at the funny.
I wanted to like it, but no. It's just that they didn't really connect. I respect Robin Williams and love SMG, it just didn't click.
I'd sit and watch her sell fruit in a market so I am way in. Happy fan girl.
When I saw poor Sarah had to sing I felt bad for her :) And in front of Kelly Clarkson (who was delightful, if a tad stiff at first -- she definitely relaxed into it as it went on)!
Considering that we know that SMG is a much better singer than she was on The Crazy Ones I'm betting she did badly because the character herself is supposed to not be able to sing so I didn't feel bad for her.

Also, of COURSE The Crazy Ones had more viewers than MAoS. It's a sitcom starring Robin Williams. MAoS is a genre show and genre doesn't play as well across the board as brainless 30 minute comedies do. Especially a brainless 30 minute comedy starring a King of Comedy.

That said, there were many places that I laughed and while it doesn't fit into my DVR schedule, I may occasionally stream it.
It wasn't a quality judgment; it was just knowing how much she dislikes doing it and how OMWF terrified her.

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