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October 07 2002

Firefly's ratings improves. Overnight ratings for last Friday's episode were the best so far and were higher than BtVS for that week.

I just saw the (Whedon penned) episode, easily the best so far, genuinely funny. If they can keep up the double entendres I'm sure this will find an audience.

"A special hell" - hee! Book funny! At last.
Time to add Firefly quotes to the site's random quotation rotation!
Actually, there have been Firefly quotes in the rotation since the site started.
Interesting that Firefly's rating actually improved this week, especially given the fact that in both Los Angeles and New York, Firefly was pre-empted by baseball. (It aired in LA on Friday at 11 pm and in NY on Sunday at 4 pm.) I wonder how much higher the actual ratings would have been if the show had aired as planned...
Apparently, the TIVO stats are also good.
So that's why I haven't seen Firefly yet! It's on Fridays! I'm either working overtime or out drinking with friends on Fridays.
Hope the ratings continue to improve. Fox was calling John Doe a hit in the ads, and the ratings weren't that much difference. Apparently rumors are starting to fly already about the big C:

for details.

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