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September 27 2013

'Suspected extraordinary activity' - Agents of SHIELD premieres in the UK tonight. Channel 4's publicity stunt for the show is certainly getting a bit of attention on the various social media sites.

Ha. I always smile when I hear that American shows are appearing in Britain within a couple of days, like Game of Thrones. Stopped owning a TV when we switched to digital, it's torrents all the way. Funnily there's no lack of people to talk about Breaking Bad with.
I enjoyed it. It's a pilot, and it still has to find its feet, but the character mix is promising, though Skye reminds me alternately of Faith and Kaylee. Nice to see JAR and Ron Glass again - he at least is likely to return, I suspect.

Tahiti? Hmmm...
It was really good. I loved it.
I think I'm about 90% happy with it overall. Did not love the cheesy smiles-of-success montage, which dropped me entirely out of the show, and there were a few other moments that verged on that sort of ridiculousness too, but mostly I just relaxed into it and felt at home. Clark Gregg is probably about half the reason for that.

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I couldn't resist calling the number myself before the show. Rarely has a pre-recorded telephone message made me feel so special.

I really enjoyed the pilot. It felt rushed, but I loved the characters and everything Whedony about it. The Bus is like Serenity with an interior like the Dollhouse. Skye reminds me of Caroline (how long before we learn her real name?) and at times Melinda May made me think of a retired, older Buffy. I loved hearing a real orchestra too.

I keep thinking of *SPOILER*
@skittledog--the smiles montage to which you refer is the tail end of a two minute clip up on the network show site. I watched that clip (and only that clip) before I viewed the episode. I hadn't watched any trailers and was entirely unspoiled except for knowing some of the characters.

When I watched the entire pilot and learned that Joss was not, in fact, turning that trope inside out, I was rather disappointed.
janef, I'd love to see that clip but can't find it on the site. Can you post alink? Thanks.

I agree that was the worst moment of the show, which was otherwise superb.
Stephen Fry tweeted this thinking it was genuine. He quickly realised he had been taken in. He has 6 million followers. Good publicity.
ZodKneelsFirst - I think the trope being turned inside out and hung out to dry was the '24' style trope.

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