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September 27 2013

Tom Hiddleston on why he loves Much Ado About Nothing. An AV Club feature where they interview people in pop culture about the stuff they get fannish about. Hiddleston chooses to elaborate on why he loves Shakespeare and that play in particular.

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What a lovely read and a lovely chap.
Wonderful interview! You can tell he really loves Shakespeare. I want to see "The Hollow Crown" even more after reading this.
I've had it (The Hollow Crown) sitting waiting for me to watch for a while and haven't done so and this is certainly encouragement to get around to it.
^^ Second z's statement there, on both counts. He's wonderful, isn't he? Such a warm, genuine guy. *sigh*

P.S. Is there a way Whedonesque can make another tab open up when you click on an article? I usually forget and don't click backwards, then I have to reload the site again. This is the only site I frequent that doesn't open a tab when you clicky a linky.

ETA: By the way, The Hollow Crown is freaking amazing. First-rate production. It'll rip your heart out. Richard II was last week, and tonight is Henry IV part 1. Worth your time.

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Willowy: there is an option in the edit profile page for that
Do you know I'd utterly forgotten that we did that a long while back - ha!
Hey thanks BillyB! :D You too, z!
Oh, and if anyone is keen for some audio, the interviewer has posted a snippet on his Tumblr (I couldn't get the link to work?). It's pretty cool!

And hi all...first time posting here! :)
If Joss ever makes his HAMLET, I would need Hiddleston to be a part of it.
allisonailee - welcome aboard! Here's that pesky link!!!!.
Thanks zeitgeist!

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