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September 27 2013

(SPOILER) Watch a clip from the next episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. You'll find out how the rest of the episode plays out next Tuesday.

Ooh, I like that! Already showing promising bits of character goodness, especially from Simmons.
Is it me or does it seem from this clip alone this episode looks even better?!
Ugh, I really can't stand Ward. I'm actually having Riley's flashbacks about it. If the Coulson's put downs are going to be a regular thing I'm going to enjoy them a lot. The tech trio has potential. I always like the techies, though. And I still want to know more, more, more about Melinda every time I see her.

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See? That's the secret to Joss' stories. I really enjoyed the premiere, seeing those classic tale/tell signs. Gosh, I nearly jumped up when I saw Ron Glass. Think I'll stick around to see how this goes. BTW, BtVS caught me the same way.
What I like is once again seeing 'family' right from the start in a Whedonverse show.
Simmons is so ador(k)able. :)

And I like that the other more mature agents are having objections about Coulson's decision to add Skye (an unpredictable hacker without proper experience and training) to the team. I heard some complaints from people about it being a dumb move and too much of a cliché. But apparently, Coulson has his reasons and he's standing behind them.

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@WheelsofJoy -- It's not just you! :)
Can't wait to see it. Question here in Germany just is, when? (On RTL, probably.)
Ah, I tried to resist watching this, but failed utterly. Cool clip. I'm looking forward to see how the team works together. :)

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