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September 29 2013

(SPOILER) ABC say to stick through the end credits for episode 2 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. There's also a new teaser trailer.

Nick Fury shows up to- OK, this joke is so worn out I can't even finish it
Hopefully not 1/4 screened or cut on Ch4.
Aren't they doing this for every episode?
They've added an eye patch to the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo in this teaser, so speculate away.
A Fury appearance would be most welcomed.
If that does happen, I dread to think what sweeps speculation will be like. And by dread, I mean get really excited about.
A part of me really wants one of the Avengers to turn up but another part completely understands why they want the show to be about the team and not whether Iron Man will pop in for a coffee. So conflicted.
Well Natasha and Clint are SHIELD agents, and Steve as well? So that I could handle.
I do wonder if they might address the events from the Item 47 short, character wise. Wonder if it might be to obscure, as not everyone has seen that Marvel short.
The Chitauri tech left over earth issue was clearly addressed in the first few minutes of the pilot. But wonder if the writers might include the characters introduced there for the tv series somehow. It might be hard to use Lizzy Caplan, as she's working in another show, but at least the others could be interesting.
My first thought was, "Maybe this means they won't talk over the Mutant Enemy monster!" :)
I'll be watching on CTV, so either it will end by being so scrunched up you can't see it with a voice-over promoting another show, or it will cut away to something else.
We rarely get to see end credits never mind what's after them. Also scrunched or chopped by CTV. Grump. Hopefully ABC will post them on their web site. Oops. Canadians can't watch those. Grump 2. I do love that the show is at 8 so I can watch it live rather than DVR-ing it.
Item 47 is way too obscure. Hell, I own the DVD and I've never watched Item 47.

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