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September 30 2013

James Spader on playing Ultron - "I think it'll be a lot fun". More comments from him about the Avengers sequel can be found in this interview with Inquirer Entertainment.

What a tantalising answer!
While I still think its pretty cool that the guy Buffy mentioned in the very first BtVS episode plays Ultron, I dont get why they need an actor for the role in the first place. I mean you wont see the actors face since Ultron is a cyborg. Wont he likely be a model or CG all the time? I hope they dont "humanize" the character too much into a human/robot hybrid where you actually give him a human face just so you can see Spaders face.

I would rather have them go full CG with a Ultron thats faithful to the comics and have Spader just voice him....
Spader will likely do some motion capture for the film but yeah I'm pretty sure primarily what they wanted was his vocal performance.
Don't worry, Ultron! Although we'll see you as a suave man in a suit in the first act we'll see full CGI Ultron in Act 3 after Mr. Spader unzips and steps out of his skin suit, laughing maniacly.
lol you think Ultron will wear a human disguise? thats an interesting idea and Red Skull did something similar in the first Cap film.

Spader said they are doing castings of his skull and body so obviously they will somehow merge him with a CG Ultron (maybe like they did with Ruffalo and Hulk?)

You think they have casted Wanda already? Scarlett said they will start shooting in January and it will be more on location then the first film.

I wonder if Ultron will have an army of Ultron drones like in the "Age of Ultron" comics. I mean even Ultron isnt really a match for the combined power of the Avengers all by himself is he? I am also curious if he will have an Adamantium armor like in the comics or if the Adamantium concept is Fox-exclusive.

When I re-watched Iron Man 3, I noticed some things that didnt make any sense in the context of the larger MCU.

1. Tonys home in Malibu gets destroyed and he is presumed dead. Why wouldnt SHIELD react to this rather huge news? Wouldnt they be all over the death of one of their Avengers? I am kinda afraid that this wont even be mentioned in the Cap film which would be just really weird.

2. Why didnt send SHIELD anybody to save the president from the Mandarin in the final battle? The fricking president was about to get killed! Usually they would totally send in Cap or an army o SHIELD agents to save him instead of just letting Tony and Rhodey handle this. SHIELD might even have not known at this point that Tony was alive so its even more weird that they would go "The president is about to get killed by the worlds currently most vicious terrorist? Ah lets not bother with that" And when the battle started and Rhodey saved the president, why would SHIELD still not send backup for Tony to take down Mandarin? It just made no sense whatsoever for that connected universe they built.

3. At the end Tony has the shrapnel removed from his heart. Okay why exactly didnt he do that after he returned from Afghanistan? Or when the palladium core was almost killing him? And suddenly he can just remove that shrapnel and live without the arc reactor? That already bothered me immensely when I watched the film in cinemas and it still bothers me a lot.

I also really dont like the notion that Tony would suddenly just stop being Iron Man for his girlfriend, when in previous movies it was established very clearly that being Iron Man is what he needs to do to keep the world safe. Even in IM 3 he said that he needs the means to protect Pepper at all costs. Yet in the end he destroys all suits and retires Iron Man. yeah that will protect pepper really well when the next super-powered villain comes along. Just because Tony stops being Iron Man doesnt mean that the threats that he needs to fight stop.

I felt like he went from one extreme to another. He went from being only Iron Man and having an army of suits to having no suits at all and quitting the superhero business.

I know Shane Black felt that this would be a good conclusion for his journey (Why would Tonys journey be over if we all know he will return?) but ultimately it was full of laws and contrivances that greatly contradict several things from previous films and make no sense in the larger MCU context.

I am okay with Killian being the true Mandarin, that was actually a cool twist and merging two characters into one was already done on Iron Man 2 as well (Whiplash and Crimson Dynamo) but the above mentioned things are what really bothered me about the film.

Its not a bad movie at all. I love the movie, I really do. I think the performances were outstanding, the action and effects were great and it had lots with and great moments. And Brian Tylers score was WAY better than Silvestri in Avengers. There is a lot to love about Iron Man 3 but also several things that really bother me. Maybe they tried to make it too much stand alone and should have worried more about the larger MCU context.
Ultron, re #3 while I had only seen IM3 two times- I do recall the notion that the only reason Tony can do the operation now is because of the Extremis regenerative treatment given which he modified in the end of the movie to cure Pepper and then himself.

Can't wait to see the lines Joss has for Spader :D

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