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September 30 2013

"Whedon's World' - a Much Ado About Nothing infographic. This is for anyone who wasn't sure where they'd seen the actors in Much Ado before (well kinda, there are some glaring errors).

Sighs... Only if someone did some double checking.....
Since when did Andrew become Cyrus?? LOL.

Also, besides the missing of Caleb, did Captain Hammer really star in something titled Captain Hammer?

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Somehow I feel like Tom Lenk's Whedonverse connections aren't completely filled in there...

What's amusing is that the creator listed Cyrus as being in both Buffy and Angel, which would be a lot of mileage for a one-episode wonder.
And I miss Caleb...
They left off Fillion's roll as Caleb in Buffy.
... and Amy Acker is listed twice. She had a pretty good mask while playing Mr. Dominic in Dollhouse, I guess.
And who knew Amy Acker played Reed Diamond?
Also since when does Amy Acker look like Reed Diamond?

EDIT: Darnit, Simon beat me to this.

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It's alright, harryK beat me.
Just saw the Amy Acker thing. The lack of double / triple checking can be sad and hilarious.
Let's just call it an Illyria thing, which is technically also missing considering she's technically not-Fred.
I have some questions about the structure here, too. It looks like Dollhouse is a spinoff of CitW, or maybe Angel?
Tom Lenk was certainly Cyrus, dusted at the end of The Freshman, but I think he had another role...
Wow. That's a lot of errors (esp. given that apparently they went back and checked some stuff, given that the 'Amy Acker as Reed Diamond' error is no longer apparent).

But still doesn't answer my burning 'how did Joss know Spencer Treat Clark?' question.

Given Clark's NYC roots and sister-screenwriter, I wonder if it wasn't a family/friend connection...

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The connections are also just look weird, as if the roles from different properties are related some how (e.g. Lin to Claire Saunders/Whiskey, Wesley to Daniel Perrin). Some straight, some with elbows, some barely long enough to be visible, some crossing over other actors (Riki Lindholme and Jillian Morghese at the bottom).

That said, I'm not sure this is the fault of Digital Spy, as I don't think they've made it themselves ('has nabbed this infographic', all the official movie info at the bottom).
I think they fixed some of it. Amy Acker is no longer Reed Diamond.
@Gill, Cyrus was one of Harmony's minions in "The Real Me."

Andrew apparently never existed.

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