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September 30 2013

The most brutal endings of SF & Fantasy. Angel gets a nod. Spoilers for a bunch of shows. Another list of a similar nature can be found here.

"Let's go to work."

That image or that quote always gives me chills. Best series finale ever. And yes, I've already seen the Breaking Bad finale.
If you want a brutal ending then watch Threads. Nothing else really come close. Non sci-fi wise, Das Boot is pretty grim.
That's some seriously disturbing stuff at the ends of three supposedly cute/family friendly series--one of which I barely recall and two I never saw. I almost expected to get to a point in the article where I could finally confirm it was a sort of joke or parody.

As for Angel, love its (albeit heartbreaking) apt ending.

Not that it needed to be on the list, but Anya's almost incidental brutal death was also heartbreaking, as was the well discussed here non-reactions of her friends.
Oh, Alf. That terrible finale that taught a poor, young me what "cliffhanger" meant.

The first time I watched the finale of Angel, I hated the last scene. But the more I watched it, the more I realized how perfect it was. It's actually one of the best endings, I think.
For laughs during S-7, I wrote up a Blake's 7 style ending for BtVS. Just a rip-off on my part, of course, like my Newhart and Casablanca ideas.

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