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October 01 2013

Constantine casting call: 10 picks for NBC's Hellblazer. Newsarama's choices include Tom Hiddleston and James Marsters.

Interesting picks, though I can't imagine Stephen Moyer in the role and I'm not really keen on Tennant for this, much as I love him. Cumberbatch and Laurie would both rock it in very different ways. Hiddleston, I suspect could also do it right, though he doesn't quite strike me as John Constantine.
Hiddleston would be great, but I think probably too high profile to take on a multi year TV job at the moment. If Idris Elba can play a Norse God I see no reason why he couldn't play Constantine, that man has so much damn charisma he virtually bends light around him, the cliché "I'd watch him read the 'phone book" definitely applies.

At the risk of being hung, drawn and quartered for heresy considering where I'm posting this, but I don't think James Masters accent would cut it to carry the lead as a Brit. Notice I said carry the lead. His accent was by no means bad in Buffy/Angel, but it was fairly limited in range (accent, not acting ability) and I think having to carry the lead might expose it a bit, he certainly looks the part though.

That said I'm not a reader of the comics, and I actually quite liked the film, no particular issue with Keanu Reeves, it was Shia Labeouf who really irritated me.

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If they want to skew a tad bit younger in the casting or maybe to big as I don't think he ever worked on tv, for some reason I think Luke Evans wouldn't be a bad choice, personally I disagree with most of their chosen possibilities.
James Marsters, yes, yes, yes. Just hearing that suggestion makes me think the show is much more viable than I thought it was before.

Constantine is a total bastard who is charming as hell. Marsters can play that and make us love it.

As far as his not being an actual Brit goes, I think that would be fair revenge for the recent trend of Brits playing so many of our biggest superheroes.
Marsters would be awesome, awesome casting. And he would also bring some pretty strong geek cred to the project, unlike, say, Keanu.
Early Constantine is the spit of Spike. So Marsters would be a good choice.
Given the general Anglophile tone of the article (Esp. the 'being British is more important than race' comment on Idris Elba), this leaves me wondering... do they know that James Marsters isn't actually British?

With two young kids and a teenager, I don't see Tennant committing to a longterm American television run, tho I actually do think he'd rock it out of the park.

I expect that Cumberbatch and Hiddleston both have too many commitments already to take on a multi-season commitment.

Laurie is a bit old of the part and too branded as House right now for the American audience, IMO.

Idris Elba would be awesome. I don't see them going there, but he'd be awesome. In that vein, what about Chiwetel Ejiofor or Patterson Joseph?

I'm surprised not to see Richard Armitage on this list, or, just maybe, Aidan Turner?

No on Moyer. Just.... no no no.

One of the lower-teir picks might get it, but my bet is that we'll see someone we've rarely heard of...
After season 2 of Buffy I always imagined Marsters when I read Hellblazer so he's my top pick. I wonder, though, if he'd balk at taking a rile where he'd have to bleach his hair again considering how much he hated it.
My picks for John Constantine would be either Richard Madden or Paul Bettany.
I actually loved the movie Constantine, but the whole time I was watching I replaced Keanu with James Marsters in my imagination. It really helped. He would have been perfect at the time.
I think if he had help on set like he did with Tony Head, his accent would cut it.
James did a good enough accent for Russell Davies to cast him in Torchwood.
I never read the Constantine comics. I saw the movie and I did not think that Keanu was the only reason it was a failure. I feel he did OK, but was mis cast.

I agree with previous posters here that Steven Moyer ... just no. I like him (True Blood, UltraViolet) but I think he is just wrong for the part (judging from what little I know about the comics).

I love Marsters. I think he would have been great for this part ten years ago, but even though he looks very good for his age, and is perfect in every other way with the talent to play the role, I feel the Contantine character is supposed to be younger. Isn't he?

One of the posters on the other site suggested Jude Law, who I feel would be fantastic. I also like Tom Hiddleston for the part. Some one else mentioned Aidan Turner - I think he would be great and realisticlly they may be able to get him for the part, as opposed to the likes of Jude Law and Tom Hiddleston, who I feel may be too high profile in films to commit to a Constantine TV project.

Aiden Turner is realitively unknown (when compared to the other two) but he did have lead roles in Being Human and the Romantics. His performances have been great and the camera loves him. He needs to be a leading man!

I think they will get someone who is relatively unknown for the part - like the guy that plays Ickabob Crane in the new Sleepy Hollow TV show (Tom Mison? I think is his name). I believe he did a lot of stage work but not much movie and TV work previous to Sleepy Hollow. I know I had never heard of him until Sleepy Hollow. He is doing an excellent job so far and the camera loves him. He seems to be a great leading man.
That part in Torchwood was written for him, they were a) lucky he was available and b) he was cast for who he is, not for his accent.
Aiden Turner is doing the Hobbit stuff. I really like him, but I don't think he looks right for the role. Granted, more right than Keanu, but if you look at the picture in this link's front page it looks like a still of Spike.

Ah what might have been.
Passion, Constantine the movie was an OK movie, with some things taken from Hellblazer the comic. But, like you said, Keanu wasn't the only failure in that movie.

In the movie, Constantine is fighting hell and trying to get in grace with heaven. In the comics, Heaven, Hell and everybody else have their own agenda, and Constantine keeps flipping the finger to everybody. He makes deals with angels and devils, then abuses the fine prints for getting out of them all. Own agenda, in no way trying to "get back to good graces with god".

Also, in the comics different stories have many other aspects, magic, voodoo, whatnot. I've only read maybe 10 of the albums, but the angels and demons were rarely the focus points of the stories, if even mentioned. That theme was as good as any for the movie of course, but they really undercutted the Constantine character with the holier than though attitude.

That said, I'm waiting for the series with mixed feelings. It has possibility to be truly awesome, and there are enough stories to last for many a season. But, I'm afraid they won't go half as dark as they should to really make it good.

Decent list of actors, I could go with almost half of them.
Xane - Hi - yes I saw the Constantine picture but they do offer up actors who do not match the picture. Aiden Turner is doing the Hobbit movies but he is very underused in them so far. i have only seen the first installment. Maybe he will have more to say and do in the next one that's due for release soon.

Eerikki - I agree that the movie was OK. I do watch it every once in a while. there are things I like about it, i just feel disappointed that it wasn't....better. From your description I do like the comic book version of Constantine, the character seems more interesting.

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