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October 01 2013

Favorite TV show contest. Spoiler TV's favorite show poll is back and has Buffy against Grey's Anatomy and Firefly versus The Mentalist. ETA: A new poll featuring Angel vs Castle can be found here.

Breaking Bad is HUGE right now, so I'm surprised to see it lost to Supernatural. I guess everyone was too busy watching the finale to bother voting.

Also, don't forget Firefly is on this list.
Some odd matchups, but by necessity I suppose. Anyway, our faves seem to be in the lead at the moment. I've added that Firefly is in it to the original entry.
Watching the finale to Breaking Bad had nothing to do with SPN winning as that contest was a LONG time ago. This contest is taking way to long between the votes.
Thanks for adding Firefly, I did not as I figured Buffy in the title would get everyone over worked. ;)
Tomorrow's match apparently includes Castle vs. Angel. I feel like I should be really torn at that, but fun as Castle is, I just am not...

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