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October 01 2013

Buffy Archives - search episodes. Clay Weill has been working on a project (The Buffy Archives) that allows users to search for specific events in Buffy episodes.

Be still, my librarian heart.
It's not bad, actually. It warms my heart to see that fans are always trying to do something new in the Buffy fandom.
Great project and beautiful presentation. At first I was surprised that it doesn't search within the full episode transcripts for quotations, but I guess a standard Google search already gets the job done for that.
this is lovely! however if you type in "Buffy cries" so many options pop up you will wonder how SMG didn't end up dehydrated. It also feels like the tool people will use to solve debates about things that have or haven't happened in the show. I also wish this had been around when I was writing papers on Buffy.
But I've already spent so much time memorizing everything that happens in every episode!

In all seriousness, I love this! There really should be one of these for every TV show. But, well, hey Buffy's enough for me!
My first reaction was "I am no mere mortal who needs a Buffy archive" but this is really cool. I've often wondered why there seemed to be so much less of Buffy dreaming after Season 4 and you can see the contrast with this.
Awesome idea and realization.
But I thought Giles got knocked out more often... I think he got knocked out in 2x21 as well.
Yeah, I don't think it's complete in some cases. Hopefully they'll keep adding to it.

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