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October 01 2013

Sarah Michelle Gellar joined Twitter! Robin Williams said "Welcome" to her.

In case anyone isn't sure, Robin Williams said hi to her and he was her second follower.
And she's verified.
Eliza also Tweeted her! ;)
And David Boreanaz.
Awesome, gonna follow her right away :)
I bet she can't wait to discover the Favstars, charity RT requests and follow begging.
And questions about Buffy. And complaints about her characters/shows/hair whatever. Sigh.
And she'll probably be full before I get to a machine I can Tweet from
Hopefully any negative comments all drown in a sea of Buffy appreciation.
I like looking at celeb accounts to see who is begging follows and RTs so I can have a spam reporting and block spree. :) Nothing more pathetic than begging a stranger to wish you happy birthday.
I would imagine it's different when you're 13 or 14.
Hopefully she's wise enough to keep her tweets very guarded and untopical.
I pretend everyone being stupid or mean on the internet is a teenager still learning how to not be awful in public unless I know otherwise. It's a good way to trick yourself into cautious kindness.
I wonder how many people are trying to think of a good Buffy reference to use in their welcome tweet for her. Or is that only me?

And Emma Caulfield welcomed her, too! As well as congratulating her on The Crazy Ones.
IrrationaliTV: I once asked all the Buffolks I follow if there was any chance I'd live long enough to read their memoirs. Only Nicky and J responded.

Muffyn: i'll probably just compliment her brains and/or looks. I usually use a fake Scottish phonetic accent spelling for that :-).
Simon, your optimism about the human race is a beacon of light for us all to follow. :)
Well i did it. Her Tweet asked why it was more scary than appearing on the LAte show and I reassured ehr it was probably becuase she was writing "oonscripted and ye're nae an egotist like me nor a writer like @Amber_Benson" then followed with "Aye 'n' welcome tae Twitter, ye shiny lass, ye."
I thought she seemed too private and guarded to be on Twitter. But I really do appreciate her second Tweet thanking all the Buffy fans.

Methinks Robin Williams convinced her to get on Twitter...
Her second tweet was very sweet.
Declaring those who ask someone they admire to follow them or wish them a happy birthday as pathetic, I think is kind of mean, uncalled for and I don't find it pathetic at all. It doesn't hurt to at least ask and guess what? Some of them actually do it. What blows my mind is when a celebrity follows me and I didn't even ask! :) I wonder if anyone has tweeted to Sarah, "Welcome to the Hellbeak" or some such?

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kungfubear: I agree with your words, but the fact is some celebs (even those who do sometimes reply to fans - Aly, for example, doesn't) get tired of it, and have Tweeted responses to that effect. (Maybe this is just my ego talking, but I think the reason I'm one they don't reply to me anymore is because the umm, off-centered posts I sometimes make to them on Twitter and Facebook have gotten me a "reputation" among some of them.)

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