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October 02 2013

"Breaking Bad and beyond: TV series finales that satisfied." Buffy and Angel series finales are both included on this AV Club list.

Buffy ended with hope, Angel ended with fighting despite the lack of hope. I respect Joss for ending each season powerfully enough to be a series finale if it had to be, but I found the endings of both Buffy and Angel perfectly suited to their respective cores. And Breaking Bad's as well. You can't expect the world from a finale, but a show that comes full circle and homes in on it's mission statement deserves praise.
That list is missing Babylon 5, but the Buffy & Angel props are richly deserving.
Oddly, I was just thinking this morning (not for the first time) that the Angel finale was the best series finale, evar. ("Can you pick out the one word that you probably shouldn't have said?"
The Buffy and Angel Finales were very well summed up in that article. definitely both great Finales. Its sad for me to see however how my other most favorite show, SMALLVILLE always seems to get overlooked by these kind of articles. I mean the show ran for 10 seasons and is quite possibly the best modern live-action take on Superman ever conceived and it has a massive fanbase (and much like Buffy and Angel it continues in comic book form to great critical acclaim so far)

The SV Finale was maybe missing Tom Welling in the full Superman suit and Michael Rosenbaums Lex Luthor was only featured in 2 scenes really (Those were awesome though) but that Finale was as epic and huge as a movie with lots of heart, action and a very very satisfying end to Clarks journey to become Superman like in the montage where he learns flying, when he receives the suit in the Fortress or of course the absolute superb final scene set in 2018 with the John Williams Superman theme in the background.

I was a huge fan of this series (and still am) for its entire run and that Finale filled me with happiness, joy and awe. Also props for the producers to make this an 80 minutes Finale instead of only 40 Minutes. Buffy and Angel should have done that too and really celebrate their Finales as events like Smallville did.

So while the SV Finale had a few shortcomings here and there, there was still so much epic greatness, emotion (just check out the scenes where Lois and Clark exchange their vows - so damn good), Superman mythology and superb performances in there that to me it belongs on ANY Best Finales list. Period. Obviously SV was immensely influenced by what Joss had created with Buffy, you could really feel that influence a lot. both shows also grew and matured in a very similar way. Then of course you have James Marsters who plays a fantastic Brainiac on SV and there are also some Buffy references in the show .In one episode Clark came up against a group of girls who were bitten by kryptonite-infected bats, turning them into vampires and the vampires leader was named Buffy haha. James Marsters was also in the same episode and when Clark told him about the vampires, James replied "Clark there is no such things as vampires" So hilarious :)

As much as I love Joss and his shows particularly his Buffyverse and as much as I really like Agents of SHIELD, Smallville will always remain the greatet superhero/comic book Tv show of all time to me.

So yeah the SV Finale is definitely missing from a lot of lists in my opinion. I mean hell, SV even won several emmys and was effectively the show that replaced Buffy and Angel as the Nr. 1 series on the WB.

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Skimmed the article to avoid spoilers for Breaking Bad (only just finished season 4.) I love the ending to Buffy, but I'm less enthusiastic about the close of Angel. The final sequence is fantastic and perfectly encapsulates the essence of the show, but the rest of the episode, as well as the few preceding episodes always felt rushed. It is pretty clear that they had to reach an unplanned conclusion quickly and, although they were right not to go with the Senior Partners as the big final bad, chucking in the Circle of the Black Thorn and also Angel's abrupt change in personality, even if it was a fake out, was incredibly unnatural. These are stories that should have been built up across the whole season, but this obviously wasn't possible. I did like the way they did Angel signing away the prophecy as a throw away scene though.

As for the rest of the article, agree with including the end of Six Feet Under, although I think the final sequence lost its edge when I re-watched it quite recently. Less pleased with them including The Sopranos alongside Lost and BSG as joke responses to the question. Are people still annoyed by Tony's final moments and not seeing how brilliant it is?
Oddly enough, I feel the opposite: while BtVS was the greater show, and had a perfectly lovely finale, AtS had perhaps one of my favorite series finales ever. If only for that one heart breaking scene with Wes and Illyria.
I really dislike when I read that the majority of people didn't approve of BSG's ending. Despite years of reading the hate, it still gives me good feels. BtVS, Angel, BrBa, and Six Feet Under are the greatest finales I've ever seen and agree they are successful based on coming back to the mission statement and not pretending to be something else.
By far, I feel "Six Feet Under," had the best final. I'm happy with "BtVS", however, I felt it was rushed. Really should've been a two-hour special. Absolutely loved "AtS", my heart is still broken over the cancellation.

As for "Lost" and the others, I don't care. Bad planning and writing.
I would include Buffy but not Angel. Thankfully, After the Fall came out so I no longer hate Not Fade Away, but for 3 or so years, I loathed it.

And actually, Dollhouse had a surprisingly satisfying finale. It wrapped up the story/characters but made you wish you'd gotten to spend more time with them.

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While MASH had grown rambly over the years, stretching out the amount of time spent there to about 4 times as long as real life, the finale was itself quite a superb and satisfying piece. (That stretchout is why I think they should do a miniseries from Hawkeye's arrival to his leaving. Is Downey JR too old and too high-paid to play him? Corrine Bhorer is too old to do Hotlips now but maybe Amber could swing it, perhaps with Amy as LT. Dish or Alexis as Charles but *not* both.)

I'll say BtVS and Angel each fit the tone of the show, but I've issues with both. Not familiar with the other shows and don't want to be.

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Buffy was actually supposed to have another episode in order to have a longer finale. Makes me kinda sad to wonder what could have been, but I still loved what we got.
I'm among those who think BtVS should have ended with season 5, so I consider "The Gift" to be the actual series finale - and I'd say it was a damned fine one.

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