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October 02 2013

(SPOILER) io9 has the cameo from episode 2 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. "The funniest scene from Agents of SHIELD episode two was also the most surprising, as an unexpected character showed up."

Talking to me about authority!
Thst scene literally made me geek out like crazy. Never expected a big star like Sam to show up on a Tv show. Make mine Marvel!

Even though the scene was rather pointless (Basically Fury was only there to scold Coulson and for comedy relief, it didnt really contribute to any plot or story) it was still funny and awesome and from the moment Sam Jackson is on the screen he commands EVERYTHING and immediately takes the quality of the show up several notches. What an actor.

Though I still wish the scene would have given us more than a fun moment e.g. maybe more hints about Coulsons resurrection or something.
I loved this. Dad has checked in to see what the kids have been up to, and he is not pleased.
I'm still not sure it didn't contain anything that will be interpreted as meaningful afterwards.
Best moment in the show sofar :D
I was annoyed that I missed this. Once the SHIELD logo appears at the end, I figure the show is over. I hate that ABC is overrunning the show to 9:01 because now, due to DVR recording conflicts, I'll always have to miss the pre-credits scene and watch it online later. (My favourite show, Supernatural, airs at 9 and I WILL NOT miss one second of it!)
Sunfire "Uh-oh. Daddy's home."

I certainly wasn't expecting to see his commanding presence actually there - I figured Coulson would've called in on the vid-phone, and I kept arguing with myself: "That's just his voice on a vid-phone. No, he'll show up. But they said 'Don't expect any of the Avengers or Fury. Exactly - don't expect them, but we just might throw one in there from time to time. They shouldn't have teased with the eye-patch on the eagle. They also showed Cap's shield & Thor's hammer - they didn't show up."

(The entire internal argument took place in the first 10 seconds of Fury's appearance.)

Ragondux I'm expecting Coulson to get downgraded to a Winnebago in a few episodes.
I'm mainly amused at the subterfuge here. Jackson said all along he'd do a cameo but who knows, and everyone else was on board but you know how schedules can make things difficult, et cetera. And then the scene felt for all the world like they just quietly snuck the two of them on to set one day with a minimal crew and shot something.
That really is a fun moment.
The only way to top this is to bring in one of the big three (Evans, Hemsworth or Downey). While Cap or Tony might be possible (if they can get Sam Jackson they can get those too) but IŽll doubt we are gonna see Thor since he is faaaaaaaaaar away for now ;)
This was excellent and also just fun and witty. Love Samuel L Jackson. Reminded me of Snakes on a Plane!
@erratikmind: I was hoping for a bleeeeping moment but no, it's still a Disney thing hehe. Maybe for a limited edition release on dvd/blu ray/uhdv :+

I Just love the sillyness.

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Someone in the comments of that thread pointed out that the alien tech weapon used earlier in the episode by Ward to stun the rebels is very similar to the weapon Simon Tam used in Serenity.

Oh, duh. I kept trying to remember where I'd seen that weapon before, but my thinking was along the lines of the Marvel universe. Completely forgot about Simon's usage.
Having Sam Jackson show up and yell at your main characters needs to become a top rule of film making.

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