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"I'm sorry. I was remembering to put on all of my clothes."
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October 03 2013

Whedonesque competition time! Win a copy of the Much Ado movie tie-in book. Head over to our Tumblr to see how you can win a copy (and yes, it's a worldwide competition). The book is out on October 8th in the US and UK and is available for pre-ordering at and

Neato! Entered!
Me too, and Clark Gregg was my fav which was surprising, as I adore Acker and Denisof.

I wanna win.
I almost feel like it should be harder than typing two, three at most, words...
So I was a doofus and forgot to put "Competition" in the subject heading; am I allowed to resend the e-mail, or am I okay?
My favorite type of contest, the enough ratio of randomness, combined with elements that does not require the fact that I'm not as creative as certain people.

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