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October 03 2013

Vote for an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Lego playset. The fan who made this cool set needs at least 10,000 votes to have the idea considered by Lego to be made into the real deal.

Will do!

I so need Lego Coulson for my sets.
I don't buy LEGO so I don't vote on these things, but I suspect even with 10,000 votes the proposed sets would be too generic to actually be made.

With a Japanese space probe, a Japanese underwater craft of some sort, a Minecraft set, and the DeLorean from Back to the Future, all four products that have passed LEGO consideration are fairly universal (everyone knows Minecraft and BTTF, a space probe is just a space toy, etc.) and unique, whereas this proposed set could be almost anything.
I have no idea what Minecraft is. :(
By a loose definition of "everyone", then. :)

(Look it up, it's great, it's one of only two video games I've bought in the last decade.)
Where do I post my petition for a Lego fish tank to be included?
Is that supposed to be 'Lola' ?! Looks nothing like it, and the jet is just stolen from one of the Marvel Avengers sets which as far as i am aware has not even been in the show!

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Yeah, it's not the best Lola. But maybe this would encourage Lego to design an official set. I'd really like a real Lego Coulson for my collection, not a painted-put together piece.

@Kaan, Minecraft is a big sandbox multiplayer verse that's really popular with kids ages 7 to whenever. I have boys and they love it.
Kaan, this got quite a little chuckle out of me as "people not knowing what Minecraft is" is the exact premise of the last nights South Park. :)
By the way Marvel has released the official description for the 5th episode "The Girl in the Flower Dress". Why isnt there a newspost about it yet?
A lego fishtank? Wouldn't that be a bit leaky?
They wouldn't have to put water in it. It could hold, umm, geckoes!

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