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October 03 2013

Dark Horse Comics New York Comic Con Schedule. Expect Buffy Season 10 and Serenity news on Friday, October 11 at 6:30.

Whedonversity: A Look at the Future of Buffy and Serenity in Comics! will be held Friday, October 11 at 6:30 PM.

I have never seen the word Whedonversity until now. Five bob sez Zack is writing Serenity.
Looking forward to Buffy Season 10 news! I hope Christos/Rebekah and Andrew/Georges swap books this season: C&R on the main Buffy title, and A/G on the Angel book. I couldn't care less about Serenity.
@watcherinthewoods That is my worst nightmare! Immediately would stop reading.
I've got my tix for Fri and intend to be there as long as my RL stars align.

I'm the same on twitter and if I get reception I'll try and tweet. Wifi is not the best at this one.
Looking forward to whatever they announce.

Curious about Season 10 structure, and If they have mapped out a plan for the very likely Library editions release for Season 9.

Curious what will be title used for Firefly / Serenity sequel. All previous short releases were titled Serenity, but it be cool if the concept is that this follow-up become a new season thing like it's done with Buffy, to go back to Firefly title.
faith in Angel, WHY would you stop reading?? Andrew is a great writer! Also, the Angel book won't be the same anyway because Faith is 99% not likely to be in it. I say it's time to freshen things up.
I'm wondering if Georges will have a reduced role in season 10 since he's doing the Serenity comic.If Serenity is a monthly then Georges might be off as the regular Buffy artist.
That's what I'm wondering too
No offense, but I'm hoping Georges is off the main Buffy book. He's done it for the past 6.5 years/2 seasons, so I think it's time to switch things up. Personally, I would love to see Rebekah take over the book. She does amazing likenesses, and our brief glimpses of Buffy in A&F flashbacks left me wanting a lot more.
I love Rebekah's art work. Her likenesses are spot on. If it was possible I would want her to illustrate all the Buffy titles. I just hope that she ends up on whichever title Faith ends up on because I can't imagine seeing Faith illustrated by anyone else after reading Angle & Faith. I am also curious to see where Nicholas Brendon factors into all of this since Scott Allie has said he was at the writers summit. (Xander mini?)
I had no problems with Georges artwork.If he has moved off Buffy as regular artist to Serenity though.I can understand why he might.Between season 8-9,that is six in a half/almost seven years as the regular Buffy artist.That is a very impressive run for a artist especially now a days.

I would love to have the Angel & Faith creative team on the main Buffy monthly for season 10.I would also think it would be interesting if there is a Angel centric monthly next season to have Andrew Chambliss try his hand at that.

Sort of how Steve DeKnight was on Buffy season 5-6 and then moved to Angel for season 4-5 of that show.A creative team swap for season 10 could shake things up in new ways.

I wouldn't have a issue though if Christos and Rebekah stayed on Angel though.

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