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October 03 2013

Nathan Fillion to guest star on 'Community'. He'll play Bob Waite, a "politically savvy head custodian who's not afraid to get his hands dirty but is smart enough to wear rubber gloves".

Blue gloves, I presume.
That almost makes up for Donald Glover only being in five episodes this season!
Well this came together rather quickly.
Yay, the new season is sounding better and better.
Troy and Abed coplay as Mal and Jayne, Bob walks in the middle of the scene. Comedy gold.
Yeah, I had the same thought SuperScuba, I mean they were only tweeting about this three or four days ago. I wonder who they must have had in mind for that episode originally? Granted I guess it's also possible this is an episode they haven't written yet and they came up with a possible role that worked out time-wise.
My guess - he had already been cast when he tweeted that.
He posted pictures from the Community set several months back as well.
I think that was a social thing.
This is the most exciting thing I've heard all month.

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