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October 04 2013

(SPOILER) Marvel's press release for the fifth episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Written by Brent Fletcher and directed by Jesse Bochco.

Brent Fletcher has written for Spartacus: War of the Damned, as well as Friday Night Lights, Lost, and Angel's "Soul Purpose".
This is the Ruth Negga episode? Excellent, she's a great actress. And Brent Flether wrote Soul Purpose, which is one of my favourite Angel Season 5 episodes.
Yay, welcome back Brent Fletcher, now as a staff writer, right?
I think he wrote Soul Purpose as freelancer.

Otherwise, that's a new director, well Mutant Enemy wise at least. Previous cred include NYPD Blue and he worked with J. August on Raising the Bar.

Set in Asia, wonder if it'll be a "real" country or a Marvel fictional setting.
I wonder how are they gonna introduce the savage world in this episode, that would require a lot of makeup and effects
I hope they don't. I don't want to see dinosaurs on AOS, at least not that soon. Let's keep it grounded in "reality" for a while.

In any case, it's interesting to see so much namedropping in first few episodes. I wonder whether they're planting seeds for future seasons, or if they will really fully use these characters in the first one.
I dont think we will ever see such things as the Savage Land in the show. Way too expensive and doesnt fit the tone of the MCU.

Hmm they go to asia to get a guy with powers? Is anybody else thinking Iron Fist?
@Numfar, Fletcher's role on Agents of SHIELD is supervising producer.
I like the show so far, except the really really really dumb and overused myth, as seen in Episode 2, that when a plane gets a hole in the side everyone inside is sucked towards the hole for as long as the hole stays there. Planes de pressurise very quickly, like a second or so with a hole that big, and once the pressure inside has equalised the air pressure outside that's it, there is no more gale of air rushing out the hole. Where is it coming from? If it's travelling fast enough to blast a grown man horizontal then it is travelling at several hundred miles an hour. If it's travelling several hundred miles an hour then the air from the very back of the plane will have gone past you and out the hole in a second, and there will be no more. You'll be in a draught, but basically like travelling in a car at speed with the window open. If you haven't been sucked out in the first couple of seconds then you won't be sucked out.

It just bugs me because it is such a lazy, overused, cliché and I really expect far more from Joss show.

/Rant over.
Don't get a job in computers and watch a Whedonverse show for the accuracy of IT things. Or any TV show, really. Or any movie. Hollywood lives in the exciting 'verse, and holes in planes and chaos - exciting. 99% of the audience doesn't know.

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