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October 04 2013

"Terror has a new address: the World Wide Web." Huffington Post has over 6 minutes of "Buffy" promos from the first season, as well as promos from other shows like "The Nanny," "Frasier" and "ER." Nostalgic fun!

Yes, "The Nanny" is pretty terrifying! :)
As I came to Buffy in its 7th season, and my cable company did not carry the WB for some time, I never saw any of the show's first season promos. This was kinda fun for me. And here I thought the show was always aired on Tuesdays.
Aww, how lovely. I was hoping YouTube might have the old BBC Buffy promos that convinced me to watch the show as a young lad (didn't take much convincing -- immediate cute girl crush), but alas, no sign of them.
Was BtVS on Monday nights originally? I guess I had assumed it was always on Tuesdays.
I think it moved to Tuesdays during Season 2.
Moved between "Suirprise" and "innocence," I think.
Innocence launched The WB's New Tuesdays with the series premiere of Dawson's Creek. It was the highest rated episode of BtVS. It was kind of a big deal.

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Thanks for the day clarification, everyone.
You are all so young! Or you came to Buffy so late! Yeah that was Buffy's big water-cooler moment. I believe they aired Surprise on Monday, Innocence on Tuesday, so it could move to its new night and also be a "special two-night event."

I still remember everyone freaking out about Angel turning bad after Innocence first aired. Good times.
I remember the night changing because once it started airing on Tuesdays I was finally able to see it. This also meant my first viewing of Buffy was Innocence. Pretty great episode to get started with, but a little confusing at the time too.
I remember that night. I was a wee lad of 7 years old, and I was incredibly, massively confused by what made Angel start retching in that alley. But I was still incredibly excited to see the next episode.

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