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October 06 2013

Another Whedon-flavored list of shows canceled before their time. The TV Staff at HuffPo offer their take on shows that were canceled too soon, complete with animated gifs.

I don't think these are ranked in any sort of order. Side comment: Pushing Daisies is here but not Wonderfalls? Sad. I really didn't watch most of these shows to offer any other comment.

Earth 2 and Vr5 were just getting interesting when cancelled (esp. Earth 2). Sadly, no-one ever seems to remember them.
Once again, Americans think anything with fewer than 100 episodes was cancelled before it's time. To which I can only reply "Fawlty Towers: 12 episodes"
But that's based on a completely different model of television and such comparisons don't work at all. And even in Britain, a lot of people would consider Fawlty Towers to have finished far too early.
I have a fundamental problem with people saying that any show that lasted more than two seasons (like FNL in the article) was cancelled too early.

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I always think if a show gets cancelled but manages to have a satisfying ending then I'm fine with it. It is the ones with the cliffhangers that never get resolved that sadden me like 'Alphas'
Myself I I tend to draw the line for what counts as a reasonable cancellation gripe at three seasons or whenever the original main plotline resolves. Anything after that counts as simple discontinuation (since you can't cancel something that's not already planned to happen.)

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Definitely agree with Firefly and Veronica Mars. At least we got a movie out of each of them (with Veronica Mars' film being released sometime next year). This article also makes a passing reference about Dark Horse being interested in doing an ongoing Firefly comic book series, which I've heard a couple of times before. Anyone know if they are still planning on doing that?
I was definitely left hanging with Carnivale, and Clancy Brown was great in it. Always wondered how
they were going to end it.
Eh, if you came to VM after it was done and watched it all in rapid sucession, like I did, the decline in quality was apparent in later seasons. I get that the network wanted to have more accessible storylines that didn't go on for a whole season... but that was what made S1 the masterpiece that it was.
Angel was 5 seasons, and it was definitely cancelled too soon...

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