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October 06 2013

Agents of SHIELD sees bigger playback gains with its second episode. According to the press release, "the show surged 51% to 4.92 Adult 18-49 rating (vs. a 3.26 rating in L+SD), up from a 38% increase for its debut telecast. Additionally, the second episode of the show built 39% in L+3 to deliver 12.07 million Total Viewers (vs. 8.66 million viewers in L+SD), up from a 31% increase for its premiere."

So is the take that the "live" numbers were down, but a mess of people got caught up later? Or are some of these critics cherry-picking their stats to support their love/hate for the show?

(I wonder how much of those extra viewers were not actually watching the episode, as much as watching the Fury cameo.)
I think that a lot of people caught up especially those who wanted to see Ziva leave NCIS.

It is worth noting that the main networks seem to be bigging up L + 3 ratings more than usual this season I think they realise at long last its not just about the overnight ratings.
Big surprise: A lot of young people don't watch tv live. Well...Good for us ! Like banned said, maybe the networks noticed. At last.
@OneTeV I haven't done the math, but if you start from a smaller place and then increase an identical amount, you will be able to tout a larger percentage increase.

100 + 40 = Whoo, 40% increase
80 + 40 = OMG, a 50% increase!

Could be that's what's behind the percent increase in catch-up viewers, but hey, as long as a substantial portion are still doing it, that's probably good news. And yeah, it could be NCIS-related.
I'm guessing that if it continues at that level, or slightly lower we may hear about a back order or renewal by the end of next week.
I've been checking!
Maybe the networks are finally starting to notice how people really take in programs.

I've been watching on my own schedule (via VCR) for a long time now, and see no need to change. Well, yeah, if my equipment dies, I'll upgrade, but that won't change the underlying habits I have for watching new content.
Yeah, but live numbers mean more. DVR is considered, but since people can fast forward through commercials, it's not the desirable stat.
Networks have tracked DVR's since Nielsen started publishing DVR figures. The L+3 number's aren't a dealbreaker, however, as they still include people who fast forward through the adverts. Nielsen publish figures called C+3 privately to the networks, which is DVR playback within 3 days, only including people who watch the adverts - these are the rates adverts are sold at.

The ABC press release tilts the numbers in a certain way. Which is fine; that's their job. But in terms of raw numbers, it went from 6.5 to 5.0 (including DVR playback). So that's a 25% loss between episodes.

I'd imagine ABC will hold off a week or two to see how the drop off rate before ordering more episodes or another season. It's in a pretty solid position. It's a big show out the gate and creatively there's a lot they can do with it.

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Great news :) and not unexpected by the non=picnic contingent. That's a great showing.
And unlike previously announced, NBC has decided to push another 2-hour showing of The Voice US this Tuesday, so we'll be seeing Agents of SHIELD facing another week of NCIS and The Voice competition on its timeslot in the US.

Wonder how number will hold.

We'll only be able to see how it performs not running against an episode of The Voice US, next week.
Numfar, I think The Voice is a sort of clip show tomorrow, called Best Of The Blinds. Let's hope it doesn't attract its usual huge audience.
Do any of these stats include people who watch on or other legal websites? Or on demand? (Assuming thats not included with dvr)
Cap, no it does not. Nielsen ratings are ultimately used for only one purpose: to figure out how many people watched the commercials so advertisers know how much to pay networks. The rest is spin and noise. Other methods of viewing are of course counted and analyzed but it is never part of Nielsen ratings which only measure TV viewing. Nielsen is not meant to and does not measure how many people watch a TV show or how popular it is. :) Also, revenue streams from alternate legal viewing platforms are usually so small compared to revenue from commercials on air that they are a footnote at best.
I think that having good DVR numbers is good news for the Live numbers in this case. It might mean that all the people who left to watch the very special episode of NCIS last week are all caught up. So unlike in the days of no DVR, the show is still fresh in their minds and there's nothing to keep them from from watching SHIELD *live* this week.
Thank you irrationalitv! That sucks tho. I cant watch it live due to night classes and still try to support it through other legal means
Don't feel too bad, Cap. Unless you're a Neilson family, watching live doesn't affect the ratings at all.
The first episode got 1.9m views on Hulu and in the first week.

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