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October 06 2013

A review of the UK 'Much Ado About Nothing' Blu-ray. If you're looking forward to getting the same extras as the US release, then don't. According to this review and another one, tomorrow's release only has the Joss commentary and a trailer. The US release is reported as having an additional Joss and cast commentary, two featurettes and a music video.

That'll teach me to pre-order.

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I double checked this, another review says the same. Though Joss' commentary sounds great.

Close-Up review

The DVD itself is light on extras with only a theatrical trailer and an informative and self-deprecating commentary from Joss Whedon to divert attention, but then given the film’s hectic and unusual history (Whedon describes location scouting as, “walking around my house with a cup of tea imagining Shakespeare”) there probably wasn’t time to line up a series of cast interviews.

Seriously? What is the reasoning for leaving things out of a Region 2 release? If it were only the featurettes missing then I could believe it was some rights issue (not that it would make sense considering the lack of studios involved) but why the cast commentary too? Does it save money to put a little less onto each disc? The funny thing is, with the way things have gone in the past I hadn't got my hopes up yet.

At least the Joss commentary's still there. If I had to choose, I'd pick that one.
Hmm does anyone know then if the US release of the blu-ray is region locked?.. If so I guess I'm gonna have to buy the DVD. (I have a multi region dvd player but not a blu-ray equivalent..)

Silly studios not wanting my money..
And this why I don't buy DVDs and Blu Rays from the UK ...ugh (unless I have a 100% guarantee that all extras are the same). It's really disappointing how international releases get handled. In this day and age, what's the point of owning something on a physical medium if not for the extras with all the streaming video services offering HD video.

edit: anyway, still looking forward to my Region 1 BR (that hopefully gets shipped on Monday!).

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Pre ordered this, so that's proved to be a mistake. I guess most blu rays aren't "region locked" or whatever, so importing from the US isn't a problem.

I remember the good old days when they actually listed all the extras on sites like Amazon, so you knew what you were getting. By my troth, a most woeful negligence.
Mine is on the way, which is a good thing. But I am extremely disappointed by this news. What have we done to deserve this?
Huh, I knew I was right not to pre-order.
Does it save money to put a little less onto each disc?

Yes since the BBFC charge for each additional item that is on the disc thereby pushing up the cost of certification
The BBFC charges by the minute for certification. Extras are included.

The MPAA has flat rates.
Well that sucks. If we find out about the Blu-ray being region free I guess I'll get a copy of that from US to get the extras. Harumph. says the US release is Region A/1. However that might be incorrect.
I think Lionsgate normally region lock their DVDs and Blu-Ray.
Dvdworldusa is usually dead on with ther regions, and they're confirming is A locked.

Oh well.
Thanks for the info guys on the Blu-ray I guess I'll just have to hear about those extras later.
How utterly tedious. I'll be sending a strongly worded letter to my local Lionsgate representative. I do think Joss should perhaps use some of his clout to make sure the dvd releases are done better.
Pre-Ordered the US DVD, wonder if there's any extras there. Though, Lionsgate work on The Cabin in The Woods DVD extra content, compared to the BluRay was quite satisfying.

Do still wonder what will happen to other local home releases.
Damn... it would have been nice to know this a little while ago. I preordered the Blu Ray on (as there's no chance in hell that it will be released here in Italy) and they already shipped it :/

Ah, well. I'll maybe wait for an offer on the US Blu Ray someday down the line.
Looks like there's no difference on extras between the US Blu-ray and US DVD. I went to my local Wal-Mart after midnight tonight (it's possible I worked late just so I could go afterwards) and they only had the DVD, so I bought that. Not seeing anything on the Blu-ray reviews that isn't on my DVD.
Oh that's interesting jrs1980..Could you possibly tell us if it has BOTH commentaries then? (The Joss solo & Joss with the cast ones) As it was the cast commentary that I was most upset about losing out on. But if the dvd has it, then my old multi region dvd player is coming out of retirement!
Just spoken to the UK distributor via email.

The Joss commentary on the UK discs was commissioned by the UK distributor and they licensed it out to other distributors and Lionsgate took it.

But Lionsgate wouldn't license out their US extras to the UK, which seems a bit stingy to say the least which is why we don't have them.
As if the Avengers release wasn't bad enough.

As far as the matter of paying artists for their work goes, I doubt there's a more conscientious bunch than the folk reading this, and yet we seem to have no option but seek these extras elsewhere.

Why are we always getting screwed?

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Yes, Jas. I haven't cracked 'er open yet, but the box lists: the Much Ado featurette, the Bus Ado featurette, Sigh No More music video, director's commentary, and cast and Joss commentary.
Oh, that is a rare bit of good news on this jrs1980. Thanks very much for the info. I'll almost certainly be putting it to good use! :)

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