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October 07 2013

Patton Oswalt discusses his crushes from the Whedonverse. "You know who serves up the perfect geek crush is anyone from the Joss Whedonverse." It starts out as a general "who is your crush" question and becomes a walk through of all of the Whedon shows.

That is a fun rundown. Anya, Fred, Kaylee, and Mellie might be my crushes. I miss seeing Miracle, she was so sweet.

Or River for her crazy antics... wacky fun...
This was hi-larious!
GeekHarmony.....LOVE it!
Cordelia, Faith, Fred, Dawn(more specifically Michelle T), Yosafbridge, Glorificus, Sierra, Adelle, Black Widow, Skye, and of course Spike.
Almost all of the whedonverse actresses, really. Even the one-shots. Like Saturday, from The Freshman comes to mind.
What other way is there to watch a show?
Kaylee, Kaylee, Kaylee, Kaylee, and Kaylee.

Nobody else is in the same league for me as her, but if I had to pick crushes from the Angel/Buffy-verse, it'd be Kate or Gwen from the Angel side; Jenny Calendar (will never forgive Joss!) or maybe Tara (despite that I'm not, well, her type) from the Buffy side. (And I'd probably not say no if Faith wanted to make use of me the way she did Xander in The Zeppo...) I don't think I can crush on any of the actives from the Dollhouse without feeling icky about consent issues.

Someone really needs to make that GeekHarmony site!

(Also, Kaylee.)
goodtime -- Fairly certain you mean Sunday.

But yeah, Joss shows were really the first shows to give me what felt like real crushes on characters. It started with Buffy, and then most of the other women on Buffy, then Angel, etc. He's so good with the womenfolk.
Patton Oswalt was recently geeking over Clark Gregg on Twitter, mashing their names. "Mrs. Clark Gregg" "Patton Gregg" "Patton Oswalt-Gregg" LOL

And it seems Miracle and Jewel found out, Elisa too! lol Twitter adorableness abound. Ah, love my fandom.
Winifred Burkle.
"What the hell is this? Did my shrink send you?"
Patton Oswalt is my geek crush.
But seriously, Helo- er, Paul Ballard. LOL. Loved him better as Helo, but I just plain love him. I'm a huge Angel fan too. I could just sit and watch him all day. He doesn't even have to do anything or say anything. Just sit there. And let me watch him. Wow that sounds creepy.
Oz. Always Oz. But for the other shows - Doyle, Wash, and Topher. Don't have a pick for Shield yet, but I'm pretty sure it'll be Coulson.
Buffy is my ultimate crush. If she was real, and we had good chemistry, I would propose to her.

The other ladies I loved were Anya, Cordelia, Faith, Gwen, Zoe, and Inara.

For the men, it was Wesley, Oz, Spike with a soul, Giles, Gunn, Mal, and Wash. I also love Victor but agree it's creepy to name the "dolls" so maybe I'll just say Enver :)

I think if there was a GeekHarmony site I would become a serial dater. I'm kind of glad there isn't one.

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